Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WOD's #16

Well, well, well back around to....

Hard to believe it is that time again from last's a peek:

Mmmmm....Via Pumpkin Flavour! So yummy and easy to make! Basically a hair under a cup of milk mixed with the packet! I use almond milk so it's a nice 100 calorie snack!

Halloween came early in my latte at breakfast Saturday morning.

Went to Dunn's Smoked Meats for our New Restaurant Friday. Got a grilled cheese, I took off most of the meat lol 

Breakfast Tuesday morning. Two hard boiled eggs, crackers with jelly, berries, and milk

I have been forgetting to take pictures of my food this week. I have been keeping on track and keeping it pretty healthy. Will be doing more cooking in the coming week so will have a lot more to post ;)

 Just finished up week one of the Focus T25 Beta Cycle!

This is what my week looked like:

Wednesday: Core cardio, awesome. Probably my favourite video.

Thursday: Speed 2.0
I believe this is from Speed 2.0. In this video there are different rounds that have two levels. Then at the end your work your way continuously through all the exercises. I am going to do a full on write up of it like I did for Alpha.

Friday: Rip't circuit. Finally got some weights in, thought my arms would fall off! ;) 

Saturday: Rest day, was tired and didn't want to do anything! I did manage to stretch though! :D

Sunday: Dynamic core. Standing core and horizontal core...tough stuff.

Monday: Doubles; upper focus and core cardio.

Made for a great workout! Loved these two together!

Tuesday: Rest day. Did some walking.

Coming up for this week: 

I want to get back on a Monday through Friday workout schedule so for week two of Beta I will be doing doubles Wednesday, Thursday, and of course Friday. I then will take Saturday and Sunday as "rest" days. Then pick up the following Monday with Week 3. I say "rest" because on Saturday the teen & I are running...

We are so excited and can't WAIT! Should be a blast. I will also stretch Saturday. Sunday, if I wake up on time I will go to Yoga at Lulu lemon, but we'll see...I'm not putting any real pressure on making that happen! 

So, what are your goals for the upcoming week? Anything special?

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