Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September Blog Challenge: Pet Peeve

Today we are asked about our biggest pet peeve's. I don't really have any but one...

I really dislike when people display rude behaviour. I say this because I don't think people are inherently rude, but I do think people tend to be very self centered and display rude behaviours. For example, when walking down the sidewalk and people are walking three wide, they see you coming knowing the sidewalk can't fit four wide and they don't move. It is so frustrating! Also when people don't say please or thank you, why not? Why is it so hard to say please when ordering or  thank your server or cashier after they've helped you? Why is it so hard for them to thank us for being a patron at their restaurant or store? It also bothers me when you are trying to get around someone in a store and they just don't move. You can say excuse me a million times, yet they don't budge! Seriously, people, what is wrong with you?! Also, when at a fast food or walk up order restaurant when someone doesn't know what they want and they stand at the front, not discussing it with the cashier or chef and just block everyone from ordering and then get mad at the cashier when they ask if they can help them decide or if they could step to the side. Seriously, again, what is wrong with people?! Have some consideration for others. I also can't stand it when people aren't punctual. It's rude. I give people a 5 minute leeway. I am usually always early so I try to remind myself that not everyone is, but when someone is 10-15 minutes late it's just rude. If I knew you'd be late I would have done something else with my 15 minutes besides sit and wait for you. 

Ok, that turned into more of a rant...

And then this, just because it is so true....

Saw a guy totally hit on a girl the other day, I mean he was laying it on super thick....she looked at him and said, "Man, I was just being polite, I think you are being inappropriate." Served him right. Politeness people, remember it!


  1. ha ha ha love that last picture too funny

  2. You are so right! I can't stand rudeness. Some people think it is their right to treat people like waitresses any way they chose. I hate that!

  3. That picture made me laugh. I have a nice male friend and girls ALWAYS think he is interested! But, I really agree with your whole post. If I had remembered rudeness I might have posted the same pet peeve. I encountered many rude drivers today and I wanted to scream!