Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Blogging Challenge: The Three Greatest Moments of my Life

Today's challenge question asks what the three greatest moments of my life are...not in chronological order....

1. The day my daughter was born....
I'm going old school for this one because I had her before digital camera's became big, so these are pictures I took from her scrapbook....

The introduction page I made for her book, look at my OB Holding her, wasn't he hilarious?!

The husband and I probably just an hour after she was born. Look how young we were!!! I forget how young we anyone who thinks I still look like I'm 19 I have proof I don't!!! LOL

2. The day I got married to my fantastic husband....
(Again, taking pictures from our scrapbook because digi cams weren't so big at the time...)
Our Ceremony

At our reception...weren't we cute! We were so young!!! I can't get over that!

Awww *kissy*kissy*! BTW, I just now, after 14 years of looking at this picture noticed those hands in the bottom right corner! hahaha
3. The day I graduated University.
I don't actually have any photos of this because I did not walk. In 2005 we moved from Orlando to Kansas so my husband could attend law school and I completed the last year of my degree programme online. I worked really hard. I started University in 1998, took a break in 1999 went back in 2000, took at least one class every semester in 2002 I started full time, worked, raised a kid, and still managed to go out with my husband. I kept a B average the whole time. I didn't do so terrible. ;) Those were the longest years of my life and I joke around telling everyone I'm so tired all the time in my 30's because I rarely slept in my 20's! :P

Wow, this was fun reliving those moments...but I need to plan a vow renewal so I can get some wedding-ish pictures of us digital!


  1. great moments and pictures even if they were digital you really do look super young hee hee

  2. All great accomplishments!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. I live in Kansas =)

    I totally understand being afraid people think you look 19!
    When I was pregnant with my first my husband would get the worst looks, like he was robbing the cradle, but I'm actually older than him (by a few months)!

    Having my babies is one of the best moments of my life too!

  4. Looking younger than you age will be great in a few years. I remember that when I was young. At the time, I thought it was horrible. Now I love it when people think I am way younger. When you are nearing 59 it is good to look like your in your 40's.

    Our families provide the best moments in our lives, because we love them so much.

  5. Looking young is a blessing that all of us young looking people should appreciate. My younger sister thinks it's good that people think she is the older one hehehe

    Great pics!