Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Social: Blogging

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has had a fun and exciting weekend! I know we have....I will have a weekend recap coming up because we did a lot of fun things I want to tell everyone about! ;)

Anywhoodle, on to....

Sunday Social

1. What is the name if your blog? Adjusting and Readjusting

2. What do you love most about blogging? I love sharing my passions and ideas with the world. I love posting tutorials or other fun things I've been making or buying with everyone. I also love sharing my travels and adventures with everyone.

3. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging after our latest move to Vancouver, BC. Prior to this move I mostly worked full time and didn't really feel like I had the time to just sit around and write, but now that I'm not working I figured this would be a great time for me to pursue something I am passionate about.

4. What is something you’d want to tell someone just starting out in the blog world? Don't listen to me because I am too new and have no idea what I am doing! If anyone has some great tips for me feel free to share! I am still trying to consistently break the 200 page visits a day mark lol

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you've had? Learning that blogger has a nifty little HTML button to click when you are publishing a post written in HTML *blush* I felt like an idiot, but felt so much more knowledgeable after that lol 

6. What are three blogs you love? I just wrote about that in my Sept 14th Blog Post for the September blogging challenge I am doing over at A Fresh Start on a budget! Check my post out here!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have my menu plan coming up soon, but in the meantime if you want to check out my old menu's to get prepped for the week you can do that here

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  1. Just stopping for a visit via Sunday Social.
    I enjoy blogging for many of the same reasons you listed. It's been wonderful to me new people over the last 8 years that I've been blogging.
    It's also awesome to still be in touch with people I've known over the years too.
    It's been fun visiting your blog.