Monday, September 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #21

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Today I know is a holiday in the US & Canada, so happy Labor Day, Folks! Sadly, that doesn't mean we can take a break from housework. Well, we could, but I'd hate to see what the destruction would be! :-/ We have had family visiting us all the way from Georgia and I have a fabulous weekend wrap up coming once they have left. I have lots great restaurants to share! But, with school starting back tomorrow I thought I would share my daughters daily routine in the even anyone needs some inspiration for keeping their kids on track and productive...

A Day in the Life of the Teen
Morning(wake up time to her own alarm: 6:30 am, 2 hours prior to departure)
Make bed
Get dressed
Pick up floor of room
Have breakfast & 12 oz of water (this is NOT optional)
Grooming (brush teeth, hair, makeup, etc)
Do morning bathroom chores
Gather lunch together, check for Key Fob, Leave for school

After School
Come straight home, unless staying for a pre approved after school programme)
Snack & 12 oz of water (again, not optional)
Talk with Mom about the day, have Mom sign any papers or permission forms
Homework in room at desk where it is nice and quiet
15 minutes of reading
Pack backpack for next day, put on hook in laundry room (which is next to the front door)
Check the next day's schedule to make sure nothing unusual is needed, or no money is needed
Pick up desk and make sure it is ready for the next day's homework
Do any chores that are needed

Evening/Before Bed
Make sure everything is prepped and ready for lunch the next day (if school day)
Take shower
Grooming (wash face, take off makeup, nails, etc)
Do evening bathroom chores
15 min of reading before bed

That is the teenagers routine on a normal school day. It seems like a lot, but the little routines that are set within this routine really help keep her organized, her room and bathroom are never really dirty, and she always has her work turned in on time and homework done early.

Now, onto other things that will help this first busy week back to school....
So, today is yet again, Menu Plan Monday! I know getting into a routine of this is difficult, but even just jumping in and having some sort of general plan can really, really help make the week run smooth and help save you money in the long run! So, without further ado....

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Monday: Elbow Room
Tuesday: Leftover's from Monday's breakfast turned into something cute and fun for back to school
Wednesday: Any leftovers/cereal
Thursday: Toasted granola cereal with bananas and almond milk
Friday: Fruit salad, with granola and yogurt
Saturday: Breka/Farmer's market fare
Sunday: Egg sandwiches with mixed fruit and veggies

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Leftovers/cherries/lunch out with family
Wednesday: Grilled cheese/cherries/cucumber
Thursday: Quinoa-veggie bowls
Friday: Lunch out
Saturday: Farmer's market salad
Sunday: Brunch (see breakfast above)

Monday: Joe Fortes
Tuesday: Stir fry meat, rice, veggies
Wednesday: Pulled BBQ Chicken/Pulled BBQ Mushrooms, squash, mixed veggies, and corn
Thursday: Pork chops/chick pea patties, fruit salad, cucumber slices, leftover squash & corn
Friday: New Restaurant Friday
Saturday: Traditional spaghetti, vegan spaghetti squash, salad
Sunday: Surf n turf: Local rib-eye, lobster or crab, cheese fries/veggies

Granola bars, fruit, leftovers, protein balls/shakes

Chocolate chip cookies, figs and goat cheese, frozen grapes

This is our menu for the first week back at school. Mine is going up a little bit late, but better late than never! :)

What are you having this week? Also, do your kids have a daily routine or will you begin implementing one soon?

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