Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Social #6-Summer review

Sunday Social

Hello Sunday! I love Sunday's. I get to do Yoga at my local Lulu Lemon. Get my final workout of the week in, and just spend time with my hubby and the kiddo. This is our last one before going back to school so really looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying it.

This week's questions were super fun. I especially loved them because our weather has been rather dismal lately, more like fall, so it was nice to think about the warm, dry days once more!

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
I have two:
1. Seeing a sea turtle lay her eggs on the beach on a late night walk with my brother.
2. Taking my daughter kayaking and getting to see porpoises (or dolphins, not quite sure which they were lol).

2. What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
Please excuse the terrible "selfie"! But this was by far my favorite outfit! I loved the loosness of the shirt, it just sort of flowed...not to mention the color was gorgeous!! I also loved those white shorts. When I bought them they just felt like a pair you'd worn a million times and just just relax in them!

This was my second favorite thing:
3. What is one thing you wish you'd gotten to do this summer?
We actually got to do quite a bit. I wish we'd gotten in the one big hike, Grouse Grind like I had wanted to....but, those things happen. We still may have a little time yet, but we will see.

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4. What was your favorite song of the summer?

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
Favorite Movie: Man of Steel

TV Show: Newsroom

So, that's it. My summer in review! What was your favorite part of summer? Are you starting to see signs of fall like we are?


  1. wow, a turtle laying its eggs! man that is so amazing! I still haven't ventured into the white shorts/white pants thing...I feel like I really want to ...but I swear I would just get them super dirty the second I put them on. Lame I know.

    Happy to be a new follower :)

    1. LOL It was iffy for me doing the white shorts, I also have white pants for the upcoming fall season (yes, I know after Labour day and all but I still love them lol) and I have found peroxide to be my best friend! If I spill something on them I just dab a little peroxide on the spot then throw in a load of whites with a cup of peroxide and they have always come out looking like new!!!

      The turtle was amazing, I still can't believe we were able to see it. It was very inspiring, something I didn't catch on film but will never forget! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!