Monday, September 9, 2013

September Blog Challenge: Favourite Photo

Whew! Fairly busy day yesterday (unexpectedly when our cheer carpool let us know they weren't in the country lol), so I didn't get around to writing today's post! Well, here I am now, getting it done. My favourite photo this is going to be a tough one since I love pictures and have a TON!  Seriously, the amount of pictures I take is a little excessive. I have tried to tone it down in recent years, but with digital pictures I seem to be worse than ever lol But, here we go...

I'm going to go with a more recent photo. This isn't necessarily my favourite photo of all time, but my recently most favourite photo is this one:

It is from us kayaking over the summer (obviously given the paddle in the back lol). We were having a great time and we were trying to get a "selfie" of us together while getting some of the scenery in the background. I think it really embodies the two of us and just how goofy we are! :P

Here is another favourite:

I know I showed this one earlier in this same series, but it's the first photo of our little family and is so sweet! :) <3 p="">

I have others, but sadly they aren't digital lol Gosh, sometimes I think I sound so old! hahaha

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  1. I also found recent favorite photos as opposed to my favorites of all time. There is no way I could ever narrow that down to just 1!