Monday, September 23, 2013

September Blog Challenge: Worst day or event of my life

I have to be honest here....I can't say I have one! My life up until this point has been amazing. I am truly blessed. I have an amazing family, amazing parents, an amazing sibling, amazing in-laws....I cannot think of a moment that makes me say, "that was the worst moment of my life". This could be attributed to the fact that I take most anything and spin it in a positive light....

If I have to pick a moment, though after giving it some thought, I'd probably say the day we found out my grandmother was ill. I grew very close to her when my family moved back to Jacksonville in 2008, where we grew up. As far as we all knew, besides her elderly aches and pains, she was healthy as a horse...then one day she wasn't feeling well and a few days later was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It was quite shocking. She died within three month's time. I know it really took a toll on my mother and due to circumstances beyond my mother's control it took her a while to deal with it. I think she dealt with it as best she could, but still it was a huge shocker to all of us! Heck, sometimes I still have to remind myself my grandmother isn't here anymore! So, if I had to pick one as the most awful I'd think that was it.

I just want to reiterate though, I am so fortunate, I haven't had to deal with a lot of the losses and issues others have had to deal with in their lives. What few hardships I have had, I've learned a lot from and have really made sure I use them to better myself/my life.

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