Monday, September 30, 2013

September Blogging Challenge: Memory

This is the final post to finish up the September Blogging Challenge! I can't believe I covered every single one (almost) lol. 

Today's prompt asks us for a special memory. There are so many to choose from; there are smaller "insignificant" memories that really have a big impact to more significant ones such as the day I got engaged to my wedding to the day my daughter was born. The one I am going to share though I think is more of a "neutral" memory and really incorporates how much people cared about me and really signifies my growing up. It also made me realize just how small the world is! 

I don't have any digital pictures to go with this memory, although it takes up a good majority of one of my scrapbooks. I was 19, my daughter was 3 or 4 months old, hubby had just graduated from boot camp and was in California. We had not even been married a year yet so I didn't want to have to live apart from him any longer than necessary. Plus, I'd always wanted to live in California, so we decided to use what little money we had for me to get on a train with our 4 month old and come on our to Cali. Now mind you I'd never left my home state without a parent, so this was a HUGE deal! My mom and I had quite a fun time organizing everything I would need for four days of non-stop travel with an infant. My mom was a basket case (obviously, what mother wouldn't be lol) so my dad took me to the train station. I remember feeling like something out of a 1950's movie getting on the train. I also remember having to kick my father off as I was pretty sure the train was going to take off with him on it and not that I would have minded, but I was scared he'd be arrested for not having a ticket! LOL Oh the joy of being naive lol!

The train takes off and I spent a few hours just enjoying watching the scenery go by and exploring the train. I had never been on a train so that was super fun. There were a lot of interesting people to meet and talk to. At dinner I sat with an older couple in there 70's who had been married like 40 years or something insane and had quite a bit in common with them so that was really nice. After that evening I was walking through the train and saw a girl I had gone to high school with! She was going to Texas to meet up with her husband at the time. I was flabbergasted! I could not believe that was happening. I was grateful though because after 24 hours on a train with an infant I needed a small break so she kindly watched my daughter for me while I took a washroom break and cleaned up and reorganized my bag. We then met back up within the hour for breakfast together. It was so nice to see her and visit and catch-up. We were just acquaintances in school, but it still meant a lot. 

After a few days of travel and spending hours in the scenery car I arrived in Los Angeles, 8 hours behind schedule! I was so stressed out, but quickly learned that the train that went from Los Angeles to Lompoc was a commuter train so I got on one no problem. The older gentleman from the couple I had met lived in Los Angeles so they helped me gather my belongings and helped me to my next train. That was such a relief to have some help like that! I arrived in Lompoc and found my way to the AF Base. It was quite an experience and one that really helped me grow up. It also helped me realize the importance of community and how many different types of communities there are, permanent and temporary!

This sure was a fun month sharing quite a few things with my readers that I normally would not think to share! What is one of your fondest memories??

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