Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #23

Good morning! Welcome back once again to Menu Plan Monday! I love writing out my menu for the week, it gives me such satisfaction! I didn't get it posted yesterday like I wanted because we were busy enjoying the day as a family and I was reading an amazing book I will share soon!

So, without further ado....

Monday:Blueberry Muffins
Tuesday:Fruit and egg white salad with gluten free bagle
Wednesday:Cocoa Puffs with banana slices Make Sunday afternoon
Thursday:Egg and cheese bagles with fruit
Friday:Apple Nachos
Saturday:Leftover cereal or eggs with bacon and fruit
Sunday:Blueberry MuffinsNo prep, make fresh in the morning
MondayPizza Buns with cucumber slicesLeftoversPizza buns with cucumber slices
TuesdayTurkey and cheese sub with popcornUltimate vegan sandwich and popcornPopcorn with steak slices
WednesdayLunch outPeanut butter and jelly with fruit saladLunch out
ThursdayLeftover in thermosLeftoversLeftovers ot use up food from earlier in the week
FridayLunch outLentil hummus with veggies and crackersLunch out
Saturday-Everyone eats the sameHomemade subs with side salad
Sunday-Everyone eats the sameGrilled cheese rolls with soup and cucumber relish
DinnerTitleWhere it can be foundPrepVariations for Familial Discontent
MondayCheese burgers with broccoli-cheese casserole and homemade fries making make extra broccoli for freezing and fries as well.
TuesdayPaleo baked chicken tenders with corn on the cob and glazed carrots a triple batch of chicken fingers so they can be frozen and remade for "quick" lunches or dinners, make a double batch of carrots and freeze for another day
WednesdayPork tenderloin in the crock pot with corn on the cob
ThursdaySteak sandwiches with cucumber relish and roasted mushrooms and onions.Make a double batch of the steak so it can be frozen and reheated for a quick lunchHubby will have just steak and probably have corn for a starch
FridayNew Restaurant FridayNo prep, eating out!
SaturdayChicken alfredo with garlic bread and side saladNo prep, made freshHubby's will be made with classico sauce and chicken. The kiddo and I will have sliced chicken, spaghetti squash and will make a creamy paleo sauce to toss the "pasta" in, and will top with mozarella. Will serve with garlic bread and side salad.
SundayBourbon street chicken with rice and green beans/carrots
I tried to include my hints and tips for making the most out of my cooking so I wasn't doing a ton of extra prep on Sunday, just doing as I went when I was actually cooking. 

For snacks and freezer items this is what I'm cooking up today...

Over on Pinterest I had seen where a woman had done this, but shredded zucchini into it and so that is what I am going to do today to have around for snacks, I'm thinking these with some tuna would be a fab afternoon snack! ;)
I will just make a few changes: I will use 2 flax "eggs" instead of eggs, and I'll be using a cup of butternut squash puree instead of pumpkin. :)

The last two years I've made these every year right around this time. I use enjoy life chocolate chips, I use coconut palm sugar instead of brown sugar, and I use organic, unbleached flour. These are so moist, I usually double the recipe and I use her tip for making break and bake freezable cookie dough. They are a major hit with the kiddo and her friends!

So, those are just a few of the things I will be whipping up for this next week and freezing to make meals easier later on down the line! ;)

What is your favourite meal prep tip that just makes things so much easier?


  1. I remember noticing those Parmesan crisps over there as well. I think in the pin I saw, she had made them into bowls to hold salad. I thought they sounded really good!

  2. Ooooh I haven't seen where she made them into bowls! I just saw one where she incorporated zucchini! I will have to go hunt that one down and pin it!!! I'd be extra motivated to eat my greens then! ha!

  3. I'm stopping by for a visit via Menu Plan Monday.
    Woo! This has really blown right by. It's already mid-September. The holidays will be upon us in a matter of time.
    Everything looks delicious on your menu plan. The Parmesan Crisps would be wonderful with tomato soup.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Colorado and DC.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!! Those will definitely be paired with tomato soup later on this winter! We have some cold, rainy ones ahead! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. The apple nachos are delicious! I will have to put together a post next week on how to make them. They are super easy and super delicious. They are 100% healthy too! ;)