Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday + my week in workouts!

This past week I have been trying to make sure I eat a lot healthier than I had been. I am in my final block of P90X3 so I want to make sure I am really getting the most out of it!

This was our Saturday night dinner: chicken fried steak with a yummy cream gravy, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and broccoli! I sprinkled a little corn over mine because the Mr. had that and I couldn't resist.

Monday, since it was so gorgeous here in downtown the kiddo & I went for coffee after school, she obviously talked me into a chocolate chip muffin. We were going to sit out side but it was a bit too windy for that. I love the reflection in the table.

This was Tuesday's lunch and afternoon snack. On the left is strawberries, blueberries, and banana with coconut yogurt & a hard boiled egg. On the right is a big hunk of peanut butter-because ya know, sometimes life just calls for a scoop of PB-and a hard boiled egg.

Tuesday's coffee...I was feeling fabulous so I went for the Vegas mug ;) 

This was dinner one day last week a big salad with my delicious apple cider vinegar dressing and PaleOMG's Almost 5 Ingredient pizza pie.

Weekly P90X3 Review:

Wednesday: Eccentric Lower

Thursday: X3 Yoga...after eccentric lower I needed it!!! I was s-o-r-e!
Friday: Triometrics-This one is so funky because you do one exercise for 1 minute, but every 20 seconds he makes it a little harder...so you wind up doing one exercise 3 different ways! o_O It is exhausting, but oh-so-good!

Saturday: Eccentric Upper. This was the first time I remember doing this one. It was ok, not my favorite.

Sunday: Active "rest". I felt so poorly about Saturday's workout, even though I was sore, I didn't get the sweat I wanted so I did dynamix. If you want a sweat session without anything overly intense this is the workout for you!

Monday: MMX...after dynamix yesterday I woke up super sore. So, I was glad it was MMX but I must be getting it way better shape because I am working harder and harder during this workout every week and this one is a serious sweat session with serious hard work!
The silly selfie lol this was me after MMX...I was exhausted and so sweaty! 

Tuesday: Decelerator. This workout is funny. I feel indifferent about it...I don't necessarily like it, but I don't despise it either. This one has what I call the "impossible exercise": crane push ups...if anyone out there can do these please check my about page & email me a picture I would love to brag on you!

Today: Pilates. Was supposed to be Triometrics, but I feel like I need the stretch from pilates, so that is what I am going with, trio tomorrow.

So, that's it for this week...What have you been munching on this week?
My X3 ends in a few weeks and my original goal from the new year was to start half marathon training. However, due to some things that have come up I won't be able to attend the half I was planning on, so that is out....trying to figure out what to plan for those 12 weeks...any suggestions?


  1. Oh Geez...I'm tired just reading about your workout :-) Great job on keeping it going.

    1. haha Thanks Erlene! They can be exhausting but are oh-so-worth it! :D I love these workouts. When I did P90X years ago I never imagined they would change my life and make me so committed to fitness..I figured it was something I'd send back in the end lol

  2. Oh wow, this makes me feel so guilty sitting on my bum the whole day LOL I have tried yoga and ended up hurting my neck! I shall try again soon, with an instructor hopefully. :)

    1. haha! Don't feel guilty, it is definitely not for everyone! :P Yoga is so amazing, I am sorry you hurt yourself. It can be easy to do though. I pinched a muscle in my groin area once during yoga just because my hip was off a fraction of an inch :-/ Nothing I could have done to avoid it, was just my day to get hurt I guess! LOL If you have a lulu lemon near you they usually have a community class that is easy and so fun!

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  4. Oh wow. Just to read this here is making me sweat already. How did you manage to do so much?