Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday's/WOD's #15

Whew! This has been one busy week in my world! Between having company in town, getting ready for back to school, and doing a blogging challenge I've really been hopping!

But, for the good stuff...I'm super proud of what I accomplished this week in fitness. We had family come into town, but I didn't let that get me off track...I kept on truckin'! It was my last week of Alpha Round of T25 so this is what it looked like....

Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Ab intervals
Friday: Total body circuit, lower focus; lots of walking in the evening with the hubby to find a new restaurant to try
Saturday: Active rest; walked, and walked, and walked with family that came into town. I'm pretty confident we walked at least 9 miles.
Sunday: Cardio; again lots of walking.
Monday: Active rest again, quite a bit of walking
Tuesday: Was supposed to be total body, but since I injured myself during that one once I don't really enjoy it so I did Speed 1.0
Wednesday: Start T25 Beta-Core Cardio

Goals for the upcoming week: Use my pear heart rate monitor when doing all workouts; participate each day in a fitness challenge, and remember to drink my protein shake and get in one salad a day!

Now for the other fun stuff....

I should mention...these are in no particular order lol....

Monday's Breakfast at the Elbow Room

Sunday's breakfast at Urban Fare..just egg whites and a delicious multi-grain bagel

Last Saturday's Dinner...Korean BBQ 

Tuesday's Lunch...Pho...I'd never had it before so stepped out of my comfort zone. I loved it with this delicious sweet almost teriyaki type sauce and a little siracha. This was at Lemongrass Cafe in Richmond, BC. 

Lunch at Cora's in Richomond, BC last Friday when taking the kiddo to a sleepover. It was potatoes, all kinds of veggies, two over easy eggs, and fresh fruit!

The Stanley Park salad, from this little bistro in Stanley Park. It was delicious. It had raw hazlenuts and dried blueberries along with goat cheese and a maple vinegarette!

So, that is the highlights of my week in food in was your week?

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