Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Blogging Challenge: Chores

Todays, prompt is your favorite and least favorite chores.....*sigh* I hate chores period really. I mean, let's be honest they stink. They are the few items in your life that never go away. They are always there, haunting you, taunting you needing to be done. There are daily ones, weekly ones, monthly ones, and yearly ones. They are always there, but, I suppose if you wanted to look at this positively you could see them as constants. They are always there for you, you can count on them needing to be done, I suppose if you have no other order, chores are the one thing you can bank on. So, we'll look at it more positively. Chores are our buddies, always needing tending to, they love us! ;)

So, my favorite chore I'd have to say is.....

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Yup, making the bed is my favorite. I just love how after you make it your room looks all beautiful and serene. There are lots of pillows on the bed, and it just looks fit for royalty. I also love how tight the sheets are when you go to crawl into it in the evening, it's like you cared enough to tuck yourself in, makes me feel very princess like with all my pillows and a nicely made bed. Makes me feel like I cared enough about my husband and myself to go the extra mile. Here's a graphic about making the perfect bed: 

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Here are 5 great reasons to make your bed every day:

  1. Maintain order-I know if this gets done the rest of my room will remain clean and orderly.
  2. Teaches responsibility-I had to make my bed everyday from a young age, I know there are certain things you just have to do.
  3. Pride-it shows I care about my home and my room. Makes me happy to keep my door open and let anyone see how I care for my personal belongings. 
  4. Thankfulness-There are many people who don't have a bed to care for, I am thankful I do and want to care for it in that manner.
  5. Energy-if my bed is unmade that lets me know it's okay to crawl back in, I tend toward laziness and if I don't make the bed, I will probably not accomplish anything.
So, that was a long drawn out explanation on my favorite chore, but I was inspired! I didn't realize I loved making the bed so much and all the benefits it had for me! 

My least favorite chore is definitely...

A few funnies about the dishes. I get a bit of help from my wonderful husband and daughter when it comes to the dishes because they know just how much I dislike them. They make my hands dry, they are dirty, plus they are never ending! We try to be as "no waste" as possible so I don't buy plastics and we try and keep track of our glasses so we aren't using a hundred of them and I try to reuse my breakfast plate for lunch when possible, but somehow they still multiply. Maybe I need to get my dishes condoms. LOL! 

But, I will say when they are done, I feel like a million bucks! I do love a glistening kitchen!

What are your fave and least fave chores?!


  1. i do love a fresh made bed i just wish someone else made it for me lol

    1. LOL Don't we all wish someone else could make it for us?! hahaha When I worked way back when we lived in Kansas we had a maid service come twice a month & that Friday when I could leave the bed undone and the sheets out and they'd change the sheets was heavenly! LOL Oh well, there is satisfaction in doing it yourself ;)

    2. those fridays must have been awesome like coming home to a hotel room lol

  2. A made bed makes the entire room look so much better! I followed you on all your social media.

  3. I feel like most chores multiply! I always feel like the trash and recycle fill up constantly! I wish I could make my bed well but I was never taught, so I just kind of rush through it :/