Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #22: Don't forget about lunch!

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I thought I'd start Monday with a super hilarious (and probably slightly embarrassing) story about my teen. When she was in elementary school she never particularly enjoy school lunch. When we lived in Kansas not all the schools had a kitchen in house so the lunches were made in the morning at an annex (aka another school) and shipped over around 10am and kept safely warm. Well, depending on what they were serving that day the lunch could seriously stink by her gym time which was 10:45 (they ate at 11:30). Well, this particular day they were serving fish and broccoli. So, she goes to lunch and due to the menu the gym teacher holds gym [mercifully] outside. Well, I'm not sure what happened between 10:45 and 11:30, I'd assume it was a bit of a blood sugar drop, but the poor kid walks into the gym for lunch and just tosses her cookies all over the floor. The nurse asks her what happened and she said, "I don't know I walked in and smelled lunch and just couldn't hold it in!" Poor kid, after that she has seriously never eaten another school lunch. honor of my daughter's first full week back and other parents who are dealing with a I don't dare serve my child the cafeteria food school I bring you a series of school lunch ideas....

Hard boiled egg, organic chocolate milk, cherries, and a whole wheat (the bread seriously has 4 ingredients and 1 gram of sugar. Read labels) grilled cheese (served cold). I know it sounds weird, but she loves it! Plus this is very high protein and keeps her full and going and able to think!

Cherries, organic chocolate milk (wrapped in a napkin lol), chicken salad (leftover chicken, cucumbers, and onion), banana slices and raw almonds (her snack), and homemade coconut oil brown sugar cookies. 

Ham and cheese with two local honey sticks, some frozen mixed veggies (they thaw out by lunch), and an organic milk. 

Leftover steak taco meat, organic chocolate milk, roasted fingerling potatoes, and half an ear of corn. For snack raisins, almonds, and cucumber slices.

Snack: Cherries, strawberries, and cucumber slices.
I should note she normally doesn't get chocolate milk it just so happened this was during a camp week so she was being very active and I wanted to make sure she got the extra protein from the milk (5+ hours of tumbling and cheerleading you need it! lol), for school lunch she takes a water bottle, nothing else. I try to make sure everything is high in protein and we use up what we have so nothing goes bad.

What do your kids like to take for lunch? I love this list to help build lunches:

Wendolonia Lunch Box Idea List
I have this printed off and keep it in the menu section of my home management binder! It's fantastic and really helps you think outside the [lunch]"box".

Well, now that you may or may not be set for lunch let's try and get that way for the upcoming week....

Org Junkie Menu Plan Monday Link Up
Monday: Sunbutter and banana quesadillas with berries
Tuesday: hard boiled eggs, berries, granola bar
Wednesday: Granola cereal with fruit
Thursday: banana pancakes or butternut squash pancakes (recipe to come they are wicked high in protein)
Friday: granola cereal with bananas
Saturday: leftover pancakes and coffee before run (they are super high protein lol)
Sunday: homemade doughnut holes with coffee/cocoa

Monday: Kiddo: Turkey wrap with strawberries and chocolate milk Me: leftover mac and cheese and mixed veggies
Tuesday: Me: banana pancakes with nuts/Kiddo: leftover potpie with spinach salad and milk
Wednesday: Me: Tuna Spinach Salad/Kiddo: Turkey Salad
Thursday: Veggie pasta with mozzarella and tomato salad
Friday: Turkey wrap and side salad
Saturday: Omelettes, bacon, leftover pancakes if any
Sunday: Croque monsieur with cucumber slices and berries

Monday: Quesadillas with rice and corn
Tuesday: Bacon wrapped chicken fingers with fried apples and broccoli
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (blueberry muffins, over easy eggs, berries, cucumber slices)
Thursday: Fried beef and cheese with rice, and corn/zucchini
Friday: New Restaurant Friday
Saturday: Surf & turf with corn and acorn squash (will travel over to Granville Island to get some crab and lobster)
Sunday: Burrito bowls/tacos with mixed salad

So, that's my upcoming week in food! How is your week looking, looking forward to anything new? I am looking forward to making the burrito bowls this week! :)

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