Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!!! I hope all you Dad's out there are having a fantastic day!

These are the three men I am celebrating today:
My dad

My amazing husband/partner in crime ;)

My awesome father in law, for without him I wouldn't have a partner in crime ;)
I know today we are spoiling my hubby....there will be pictures of everything to come but I know he'll enjoy the day to sit back, play video games all day long, eat a fantastic steak and see a totally awesome movie!

On a serious note though, I have a bit to say about each of them...

My dad always worked hard. Growing up I didn't understand the value of working hard and was just glad he did so my mom could take me to the mall all the time & I could go tot the skating rink! But, as an adult when I got married all too young I took that example and ran with it. I worked, went to college full time, raised a family. It was all his long nights when he owned his own business or working overtime when he had a deadline. He was always patient even when I acted like an idiot when he'd have business associates over or when I'd ask him to draw me something super complicated for a school project when I didn't realize he didn't actually know how to draw intricate things, despite being an architect. :P But, all these things really make a big difference and made a great impact on my life and I couldn't be more proud to have a Dad like him!!!

My husband became a father quite young, and it wasn't easy learning all the in's and out's of baby care. I remember one time when our daughter was 11 months & I was at work, hubby-being extremely sleep deprived after 3 days of overnights-changed her diaper & put it on backward he kept calling me complaining she was taking her diaper off and I was like well that's new I have no idea what you should do...turns out he was putting the diaper on backward & she was uncomfortable! ;) But, those are the humorous moments I am happy to share with him and be able to recount. He is wonderful because, like me, he has always worked full time, went to college full time (including law school), then still chased his dream of becoming a a video game producer. His career has helped us to give our daughter an education she can't receive in school-showing her most of North America by now. It has also taught her the value of hard work and change. I am also grateful for the time I am able to stay home with our teenager and make sure she stay out of trouble! ;) He is a great father, I couldn't ask for a better baby daddy!

My father in law has always been supportive of our relationship, even as two idiotic-basically teenagers-getting married. He and my mother in law helped me by watching our daughter when he was at bootcamp, he was our only visitor when we lived in a little military town in California-he taught me it's ok to still love peanut butter & jelly as an adult and that a long walk is not only the best exercise but the greatest bonding time I'd have with my infant. I couldn't be more happy to have him as my second father.

The last two people I want to mention are my brother and brother in law. These two guys are the best father's to all my nephews & nieces. I am so happy they are in my life to tease me, give me grief, and celebrate the best moments of my life with.

I hope you all spoiled your father's/baby daddy's today. ;)

Happy Father's Day!

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