Monday, June 3, 2013

Meal Plan Monday #8

Good Monday Morning, Friends!!!

This is a different sort of Monday for me! The little one is off on her Grade 7 class trip for the next 4 days so I don't have to get up early, make breakfast, snacks, or lunches for her for an entire week, basically!! I can't even believe this! But, there is still the husband & I at home so I need to plan for the two of us but it's a much easier meal plan for the week.

This month is also interesting because it is my goal to get more greens into my diet. I noticed I haven't been having too many greens so I want that to be a priority for me. My goal is one green smoothie a day & one salad a day.

I'm challenging myself to eat & drink one of these a day...who else is in????

(I'm the only one eating breakfast at home in the mornings, hubby has a fruit bowl when he gets to work)

3 days this week Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) I will have a green smoothie for breakfast here is the recipe I will use:

24 oz coconut water
8 kale leaves
2 cups of spinach
2 granny smith apples
4 kiwi
Honey to taste

On Sunday blend all up in the blender & portion out into 3 mason jars. Put two in the fridge & one in the freezer. The freezer one will be taken out the night before I want to drink it.

Wednesday: (trying something different breakfast salad) 2 hard boiled egg whites, apple (tossed in coconut oil & cinnamon), raw walnuts, and a crumbled maple turkey patty (just season ground turkey with cinnamon, nutmeg & maple syrup or honey. Form into patties & fry in a pan with a little melted coconut oil delicious & easy.)

Friday: "Green eggs" (egg whites blended with spinach & scrambled up with maple turkey patties and any leftover fruit or green strawberry pops if there isn't any leftover fruit (these are just almond milk, strawberries & spinach, no sweetener frozen in pop molds pure goodness).

Saturday: Grab something yummy at the farmer's market.

Sunday: Cinnamon apple bowl (apple tossed in coconut oil & cinnamon with chopped banana and walnuts, can top with a little raw rolled oats and serve with milk or just heat up & eat. Can top with a little nut butter if desired)


Me: On Sunday cut up the rest of the kale & red leaf lettuce. Place in 3 individual tupperware. Top each as desired. Here is how I will do mine:

Monday: Strawberries, cherries, and orange slices on top (any extra's will be put into a separate container for snacks) with raw walnuts and a little grated Gruyere.

  • Hubby: cheeseburger with corn 

Tuesday: Tuna, raisins, and a cut up apple and a few raw walnuts.

  • Hubby: spaghetti and cucumber slices

Wednesday: Lunch with hubby I will have black bean salad with rice on the side as we'll go to a little Mexican restaurant.

Thursday: Green monster oatmeal (blend almond milk, stevia, and spinach in blender place in pot, bring to boil at 1/3 cup coaches oats (or 1/2 cup rolled oats) and boil 5 minutes. Add any leftover fruit & a little local honey for allergies).

  • Hubby: Chicken with corn & cucumber

Friday: This is the kiddo's first full day back & she has the day off of school. It's supposed to be 21C that day so we are hoping to go hiking the Grouse Grind or go to the beach so I'll pack us an easy lunch. Some homemade trail mix bars, raw kale/spinach (yes, my 13 year old loves raw greens believe it or not), raw carrot sticks and broccoli (maybe some homemade hummus for me because my dirty little secret is I hate raw veggies, my daughter makes fun of me lol), some raw zucchini,  and maybe some of this bread if I get around to making it.

  • Hubby: he'll just eat out this day.

Saturday: Pork nachos (leftover pork from Thursday's dinner shredded over tortilla chips with melted cheese & corn on top. The kid & I will also have a side of black beans & lettuce.

Sunday: Green Smoothie's with nut butter & banana sandwiches (hubby will have a grilled cheese & milk)

It's just hubby & I this week so I am going to try and make some just for two servings.

Monday: Taco/taco salad with cucumber & corn

Tuesday: Rockin' chicken ratatouille (from Hungry Girl 300 under 300). Hubby will have the same thing I'll just leave out all the veggies (so basically he'll just have a chicken breast cooked in a foil packet so it's super I'll give him some corn or peas on the side)

Wednesday: Penne alfredo chicken bake with side salad (this is a bit heavy for us for a weekday but it's a favorite of the Mr's & I have ricotta I need to use up!)

Thursday: Crockpot bbq pulled pork with homemade rolls and roasted zucchini and corn. (I asked the kiddo what her favorite thing I cooked was & she said pulled pork so I'm making it for dinner the night she comes home. Plus, they will be in well after 6 so I wanted to make sure it would be ready to go!)

Friday: Pizza balls & whatever leftover veggies there are (if we get to hike or go to the beach we'll be exhausted & this is easy just a tube of premade pizza dough or crescent rolls with your fave pizza toppings in them rolled into a ball. Brush with butter or olive oil & sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden. Serve with red or white (or mix them together & make a pink sauce).

Saturday: Seasoned beef & seafood (prawns & halibut), with zucchini and squash, with cheese fries.

Sunday: Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken with kale & corn on the cob.

So, that is my menu for the week! What are you all having?!

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