Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WOD's #7

Welcome Wednesday! I can't believe tomorrow is already my kiddos grade seven graduation. She's about to leave primary and get into secondary! So nerve wracking. I just can't believe it. *Sigh* Anyway....on to things that don't make us think about our baby growing up...

Here is a sample of some of what I've been eating.

Southwest vegan corn chowder with chicken and a side salad.
Egg white mug!!!

This was what my daughter and I split during father's day dinner...Beef amazing! I even tried some of the kid's mashed potato's and they were pretty good...if you like mashed potato's (which I oddly do no lol) 
These were also from our Father's Day dinner. They are fried Mac and Cheese sticks. We've been to this restaurant once before and I didn't get these...I regretted it every waking moment glad I got them this time...definitely delicious!
Now, over the weekend I invested in The Eat Clean Diet book by Tosca Rena so after Monday my food changed a little as I want to put the healthiest foods possible in my Body and my loved ones bodies. So here's a sample of what I've eaten since Monday:

Scrambled Egg whites and oatmeal with bee pollen and flax meal. Ignore the vodka bottle it was housing chives last week! LOL
Ate at our local Urban Fare for dinner last night. Salmon was ok, but the root veggies were HORRIBLE. They don't tell you they coat them with something hideously spicy. They were awful. It was a very sad dinner.
Tuna with apple chips! This was the best way to serve tuna in my opinion!!! 
Salad. This was so good. It made me so happy.
Egg white omlette with salmon and mushrooms inside with home fries and toast. I skipped the toast and hardly touched the home fries, but the omelette was amazing!

My workouts have been going well. Getting in lots of running!

Last Thursday I did ballet burn. This was a great video. It really worked everything!

Friday my friend canceled on me and I get worried about bears so I didn't do the grouse grind but did to a high intensity, high elevation treadmill run since it was raining anyway. I was sweating like a mad woman after half an hour!

Saturday My stomach was very upset all day so I did a walk with my daughter then came home and did ab work.

Sunday a four mile walk and lots of stretching and a nap...oops lol I say oops because I was laying in bed chatting with hubby, he got up and went to the living room and next thing I know I was waking up!

Monday wound up actually being a day off. I was super busy. Just about the time I was getting ready to workout I had to hike it out to hubby's work because he forgot something. Then, I had a hair appt that took a bit longer than I expected, but I got the results I wanted! Then, just as I was going to workout after eating dinner I had a horrible headache from lack of sugar and just decided it was better to skip it altogether and take care of me. Which, my calorie intake was so low yesterday I was glad I skipped it.

Tuesday it started raining and was crummy so I did one lap up our 38 flights of stairs,  then did a challenge from one of my fitness message boards, along with 2 5 minute sessions of hiit with arm exercises in between each set (after one 5 min hiit session I did 3 rounds of exercises that worked biceps, triceps, and shoulders; after the second set of hiit I did 3 rounds of exercises that worked shoulders and back I upped my weights by 5 lbs more than what I usually lift). Then I did a cool down and some stretching.

Today is still crummy out so it will be  90 minutes of HIIT with fitness blender. Theoretically this should keep me moving and entertained.

I love having lots of inside workout options when the weather is crummy. Plus, I'm trying to up the amount of weight I am lifting to keep my sexy arms and make my legs stronger!

What was your favorite workout this week? Mine was definitely my four mile walk. It was fast, the sun was shining, the sea wall was packed with interesting people. It just made for a great workout.

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