Monday, June 10, 2013

Meal Plan Monday #9

We're back around at Monday again...just three more weeks of school left for us! Can't wait for summer vacation to start and for us to start ticking fun stuff off of our summer bucket list!

But, I was super inspired this week to do my meal planning for a couple reasons:

  1. I completely reorganized my kitchen and have it just the way I want it. It is perfect for cooking!
  2. The ladies on my cooking message board were all meal planning and it made me excited that I am not alone in my meal planning obsession. goes...

I've actually stopped planning full out breakfasts & just have options available.

Egg white "muffins" some will be plain other with: ricotta, zucchini, tomato's, scallions, etc.

2 Carnation instant breakfast smoothie's (since she loves kale I'll slip in a few leaves of that to boost the vitamins)
Strawberry & brie grilled cheese (just minus the chocolate)

Saturday: Light breakfast at the farmer's market

Strawberries with brie
Cinnamon apples
Kale & Carrots

Monday: Leftovers: Rockin' Chicken Ratatioulle & a side salad
Tuesday: Veggie with hummus for dipping; Muffins with strawberries & kale
Wednesday: Stuffed brie strawberry chicken salad with walnuts; kiddo will have lunch at the farm
Thursday: Orange chicken salad with sunflower seeds & walnuts; kale chicken salad with walnuts
Friday: chicken salad served on cucumber & zucchini rounds; eat out
Saturday: Snack, will have a late lunch/early dinner with the kiddo since it's date night!
Sunday: Homemade egg and cheese English muffins with fruit salad

Monday: Hamburger helper with salad; lentil stuffed zucchini (for me)
Tuesday: Chicken & raclette quesadillas with corn & eggplant & zucchini
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (pancake burrito's & fruit salad)
Thursday: chicken fried rice/quinoa
Friday: Ribs with corn on the cob & whatever other veggies are leftover
Saturday: Take out from Urban Fare grill or Mongolian BBQ
Sunday: Is a surprise because it is father's day & I don't want the Mr. to know what I have up my sleeve ;)

I don't normally make a dessert, but I have some rhubarb I've been dying to try.
Mini strawberry-rhubarb crumbles

So, that is going to be our week in food. I think I am most looking forward to trying the brie & strawberry grilled cheese! What meal that you planned are you most looking forward to trying???

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