Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let the summer vacation countdown begin...

Woohoo! The weekend has arrived!!! After a day off of school and what not yesterday to get the little one settled in, I am ready for a day to just chill and relax. That being said, I am so excited for summer vacation to begin. I love just being able to sleep in until hubby has to go to work then spend the day ticking things off at our leisure. It stays light until about 10 pm here so our days are long and lazy!! I know many of you are officially out of school now-we still have 3 long weeks to go-so in an effort to keep my sanity and dream of those long lazy summer days I put together some summer fun ideas to share with you all!!

So, besides school coming to an end and getting to just laze around another exciting bonus for us this summer is we get to go visit family in Florida for a little while and I get to see my brother, sister in law, nephew, and meet my niece! I have seen most of them in about 3 years, and I've never met my niece so it will prove to be a super exciting summer. The kiddo also has a girlfriend from Florida coming up to visit us! See, it just keeps getting better and more exciting the more I type!!!

I've been working on a summer bucket list for us so we have some fun goals and things we can look forward to accomplishing before going back to school. Here it is:

Summer Bucket List 2013

02 Take silly pictures at the Top of the grind
04 Check out the Peak of the Grind
27 Read 5 book’s-All from Different Genre’s
07 See & Explore a lighthouse
29 Go Kayaking
08 Hike 4 Out of Town Trails
30 Have dinner on a Patio
09 Have a Park Picnic
31 Take walks @ Sunset
10 Have a Beach Picnic
11 Collect Sea Shells
33 Do Yoga Outside
12 Explore a Cemetery
34 Get a Picture with Every Relative you Visit
13 Find a Tombstone from 155-1600’s & Write a Story About that Person
14 Build a SandCastle
36 Have a Movie Marathon
15 Make a picture in the Sand with colored Bubbles
37 Create & Prepare one Unique Recipe
38 Play Frisbee
39 Fly a Kite
18 Learn to Stand-Up PaddleBoard
40 Have a Sundae Bar
19 Play with Sparklers
41 Watch a Sunrise on the Atlantic
20 Watch Fireworks
42 Watch a Sunset on the Pacific
21 Make S’More’s
43 Make a Summer 2013 T-Shirt
22 Visit 3 Museums
44 Spend one Entire day outside
I have no idea how to make it printable. I tried several different tutorials but google docs was not liking how I made this so I just copied & pasted it. 

So, our summer vacation doesn't start for 3 weeks. I am making this list now though so we can sock away some money for the expensive things (such as ziplining), but also so when the 29th comes and my overly active teen is looking at me with giant owl eyes saying "what do we do now" I have a game plan!

Some of these things are very specific to us and our area, the vacation we will be taking, etc. I did try to make them fairly generic though. The Grouse Grind is a path, with "stairs" almost that goes up the side of Grouse Mountain. You start at the bottom of the trail & make your way up to the peak. It's a fabulous climb, most people can do it in 30 minutes, the one time I did it before the rain last year I did it in an hour & 5 minutes. It's really tough. But, the top is gorgeous! I am looking forward to taking the kiddo and doing the whole peak experience with the eye of the wind (a big wind turbine), seeing the grizzly's, the lumberjack show, and just exploring the top of the mountain as I've never been to the top of a mountain!! I added links to our local places we will be going, but you can google those thing in your area, they are quite easy to find.

I do have some other bucket list ideas to link you all to:

(FYI the Img Credit will link you to where I found the original image through my search, none of these are my idea. The last one if someone knows who that belongs to I'd love to link directly do them, but it was an image only found on pinterest. So, if someone knows who the original blogger is let me know!)
Img Credit
I used this last year when we moved & it was a life saver! With all the unpacking and stuff it still allowed us to have a great time, yet get things done!

Here are links to lists of suggestions for creating your own summer bucket list: 

If you still want more ideas come follow my Summer boards on Pinterest here: 

So, those should give you some good ideas. Now here is a little printable I created so you can make your own bucket list. It's pretty basic, it did have a border when I created it but that isn't showing up in google drive. *sniff, sniff* But, it will allow you to at least print something & start brain storming with your kids what you all want to do this summer!!!

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