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Menu Plan Monday #11

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Wow! What a weekend! Did you read my Sunday weekend re-cap?? Normally I just give a brief recap of our weekend in today’s post, but this past weekend was spontaneously fun and I felt warranted a post of it’s own!

I did still manage squeeze in my Sunday prep for meals and after last week I was needing to get back on the wagon, I fell off for a few days there! This is my daughter’s last week of school so I have something very special planned for that day…check it out:

Kiddo: Pancakes and strawberries drizzled with local honey.
Me: Raw buckwheat porridge (make this, seriously, so good.)
Sunday Prep: Soak groats as soon as you wake up, will be ready to blend by the afternoon. Whip up porridge and make a parfait out of it, store in fridge for eating throughout the week. I already had pancakes frozen, if you don’t whip up a batch of these in freeze them in 2’s. Pre chop strawberries and store them in snack size baggies or small glass containers.

Kiddo: Carnation instant breakfast and a hard boiled egg
Me: Creamy oatmeal and two egg whites
Sunday Prep: hard boil 6 eggs and pre-mix carnation’s. Oatmeal will be made fresh.

Kiddo: Cinnamon apple french toast muffin with local honey.
Me: Omelet burrito with mushrooms, a little cheese, and any leftover greens.
Sunday prep: Make French toast muffins (recipe to come), slice mushrooms and store in a glass container. Shred a brick of mozzarella and cheddar and store in large glass container for the week.

Thursday: Last day of school!
Kiddo: Candy buffet. There will be an insane array of m&m’s, caramilk, chocolate milk, and whatever else I can get at the candy store! She is inviting a friend over that morning so I shall send them off hopped up on refined sugar and let them spend the day annoying their teacher for the last time! :P
Me: I will check and see first if there are any leftovers I can use up to make a healthy breakfast. Otherwise I’ll do an egg white and avocado bowl with thin slices of onion and mushrooms.
Sunday prep: Slice veggies and store in glass container. Go buy candy.

Friday: Summer vacation begins! One week until Florida!!
Everyone: Pot of scrambled eggs with home fries

Use up any leftovers from the last week looks like we’ll still have some pancakes, French toast muffins, eggs, oatmeal, porridge. So we’ll see and make it tasty!

Everyone: Scrambled egg crescents with fruit.

Kiddo: Roast beef sandwich on some garlic barbari with kale, a few apple slices, and hard boiled egg.
Me: Leftovers from Friday’s dinner.
Mr: Homemade hamburger, apple, and popcorn.
Sunday prep: make sandwich, slice apples. Eggs were hardboiled during breakfast prep.

Kiddo: eat out at Playland-field trip for her class
Me: Leftover’s from Sunday’s dinner.
Sunday prep: when packing away leftovers portion out into lunch sizes.

Kiddo: Field trip with her class to the pool may pack her something light like a pb&j, a little cheese slice, some fruit and water.
Me: Peanut butter and raw jelly on homemade bread with a hardboiled egg white and a quarter of an avocado.
Mr: Sunday’s leftovers.
Sunday prep: make jelly, super power chia bread. Egg was hard boiled with breakfast prep.

Kiddo-will eat out the last lunch of the year with her friends
Me: Check and see what leftovers are hanging around and need some using up. Otherwise nice sandwich with sundried tomato pate on super power chia bread with an over easy egg served with some cabbage salad.

Friday: First day of summer!
(Almost) Everyone: will depend on weather but I hope to pack a picnic of sandwiches, fruit, and any easy to eat leftovers to go sit in the park and fly a kite, play some Frisbee, etc just enjoy the weather. Otherwise we’ll to an indoor picnic down by the pool to feel like summer. Oh the joys of the PACNW!
Mr: Any leftovers that need to be used up he’ll take with him in the form of something tasty.

Everyone: Mini pizza’s with salad

Everyone: Croque Madame Sandwiches with salad.

Bacon and cheese chicken breasts with mashed potatoes
Note for me: I will just have a chicken breast sprinkled lightly with cheese and a serving of zucchini.
Sunday Prep: Season chicken breasts and store in air tight container. Pre-cook bacon and store in separate container.


Today is our anniversary and our dungeon’s and dragonscomedy night so we will just have dinner out. I will put together some sort of leftover lunchable for the kiddo since she will be at cheer and then with friends.

Thursday: Last day of school!
Confetti mac and cheese in the crockpot (recipe to come). I feel like doing something easy today and don’t want to fuss.

New restaurant Friday! The kiddo *may* join us on this one just depends on her plans with her friends. We found a little pizza place about 5 blocks from our house so I think we'll try that...hopefully they have many different types of pizza for us to choose from!

Leftover smorgasbord-I am thinking leftover chicken and/or beef with raclette, a big bowl of seasoned popcorn, and fruits and veggies that need to be used up and any leftover lunch meat that needs to be used up OR breakfast for dinner-omelet's, bacon, leftover muffins, and maybe some hot chocolate and/or coffee!

Lemon-garlic rotisserie chicken with sugar snap peas, corn and rice.

This is what we have going on for the week! What sort of delicious meals do you have planned for your fam??? 

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