Thursday, June 6, 2013

June's Workout Calendar

This is coming fairly late, but due to my sickly health the last few days it couldn't be avoided. Oh well. That's life. It is is June workout schedule.

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During my last week of Insanity last month I came down with a terrible cold. I continued to workout the first few days but it became obvious the more I worked the worse I was feeling. So, I upped my Vitamin C, had hot water with lemon, cinnamon, and cayenne & a little local honey 3 times a day. I cut out any sugar (aside from the honey) and put garlic in and on everything!! I was also drinking about 80 ounces of water everyday and going to bed between 9-10pm every night. I am finally feeling better and now that I'm seeing blue skies I decided to throw my P90X schedule out the window & came up with this:

6/3-6/9: This was supposed to be my recovery week for Insanity. Since I am just coming off of that awful cold and still have a lot of congestion I am taking it easy this week.
  • 6/3: 45 minute harbour walk, a total of 3 miles. 3 sets of the following: 1 minute plank, 20 squats with a 6 lb ball held in between my knees, 30 inner thigh leg lifts, and 20 dead lifts on each leg.
  • 6/4: 30 minute, 2 mile run/walk along the sea wall. 3 sets of the following: overhead triceps lifts with a 15 lb weight, bicep curls with 10 lb weights, lawn mower lifts with 15 lb weights, turned out bicep curls with 10 lb weights; Day One of HIIT Challenge.
  • 6/5: Coached run with my Pear Heart Rate Monitor and Day Two of HIIT Challenge. Squats and lunges.
  • 6/6: Barre workout by Blender; day three of HIIT Challenge
  • 6/7: Yoga and long walk around sea wall OR Grouse Grind Hike; day four of HIIT Challenge
  • 6/8: 3 mile run along sea wall; leg work & ab work; day 5 of HIIT Challenge
  • 6/9: Morning Yoga and/or Stretching; day 6 of HIIT Challenge
6/10-6/16: I should finally be 100% this week so I'm going to hit the workouts super hard! Runs will also increase, no more walking
  • 6/10: 4 mile run; ab work & day 7 of HIIT Challenge
  • 6/11: Warm up on stationary bike. 45 minutes arms & back
  • 6/12: 5 mile run; stretching
  • 6/13:  Ballet Burn Barre Workout on YouTube
  • 6/14: Grouse Grind (goal: Under 1 Hour)
  • 6/15: 2 mile run/walk around sea wall/ab work/10 min HIIT
  • 6/16: Morning Yoga and/or Stretching/Evening walk if it's sunny
6/17-6/23: This week I am going to be watching my sugar intake and really concentrating on diet as in two week we'll be in FL on vacation and will want to eat, eat, eat!  I'll also be hitting the workouts really hard!
6/24-6/30: This is the last week before we leave for vacation and the kiddo gets out of school so the workouts will be kind of long & intense. I'll also be focusing super hard on eating clean, no slip ups or "treats" since we'll be in FL for a month surrounded by all our favourite foods.
  • 6/24: 7 mile run; shoulders, biceps, back; abs
  • 6/25: 45 minute HIIT from Fitness Blender
  • 6/26: 4 mile run; yoga; abs
  • 6/27: Grouse Grind
  • 6/28: 2 mile run; 100 laps in the pool; 100 jump squats; abs
  • 6/29: 4 mile run; stretching
  • 6/30: Morning Yoga and/or Stretching/Evening walk if the weather is nice
What I tried to do was get in 3-4 cardio days coupled with weights/resistance. My big focus this month is going to be on eating really well. I struggle with eating 100% clean, this is weird because I feel awful when I don't eat clean. But, like everyone I have a hard time resisting that 10pm ice cream and cookies just before bed. But, that's okay. I'm cleaning it up this month by doing the following three things:
  • Eating one salad a day
  • Watching my sugar intake
  • Drinking one green smoothie a day
So, far in just the past week of upping my greens intake and being careful with the amt of sugar I add to things (still having my tablespoon of local honey though) I am noticing a huge decrease in bloat and my stomach, especially the low ab area is much flatter. Plus, I am more energetic with all the greens, my iron must be through the roof! 

What is your all time favorite workout? Any thing to do with aerobics for me. As a kid I begged for Get in Shape Girl aerobic set & loved that thing to death, especially because it came with a ballet barre (notice anything up there I still do once a week???)....I guess even as a kid you can know what your favorite fitness activities are!

What three changes to your overall diet for your future health are you making this month? Mine are listed above, but the one I am really focusing hard on is getting my greens in!! I think that is so important & something I was seriously lacking before.

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