Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I ate Wednesday/WOD's

Hello! It is a fabulous hump day! The sun is shining, I have some coffee and made an awesome healthy breakfast! 

This post will be shorter than normal as last week I was really sick. I only did a couple of workouts and didn't think to take pictures of most of my food! But, this month is sensible snacking month on What I Ate Wednesday, so a few of my items qualify. Other's I'll just recap in words. ;) 

Start off with workouts since those are short & sweet:

Wednesday 5/29: Max Cardio and Cardio abs. Slept like a baby afterward.
Thursday 5/30: Took a walk in the rain sick as a dog to dd's school to drop off homework the teacher insisted would be marked as an "F" if it wasn't turned in because she was sure my kid hadn't finished the project...the kid whose never had a late assignment & has made honour roll every grading period.....(yeah, I'm still holding a grudge lol)
Friday 5/31: Was still feeling awful but went on a 2 mile walk just to get out & feel better. Did some stretching as well.
Saturday 6/1: Cancelled our date night plans. But did two walks to the farmer's market, stretched and rested.
Sunday 6/2: Walked to dd's school and back (about 3 miles). Walked to the movie theater & our favourite bar/restaurant and home. Total for the day around 6-7 miles walked.
Monday: 6/3: 3 mile walk along the sea wall. This was a very fast pace. Came home and did squats, dead lifts, inner thigh work, etc. Basically lower body. I'll go into more detail with it in a post later today or tomorrow.
Tuesday: 6/4: 2 mile run along the sea wall. This was completed in 30 minutes. Not my best time ever, but considering I was coughing & sniffling the whole time I'm proud I did it!!! Then I did a bunch of upper body stuff and some HIIT ab work.
Today 6/5: I am planning on a quick, coached run using my Pear Heart Rate Monitor. Then I'll do some planks & work on my handstand.

I have a post coming (either later today or tomorrow) with my workout calendar for the rest of the month. I was going to do P90X but revamped it because with it being so beautiful out I want to spend as much time outside as possible to soak up the sunshine before fall and winter hit with the rain again!

So, moving on to what I ate! 

I didn't take many pictures but here is what I do have: 

This was my weekly treat. It's from a local Japanese style crepe place called Bon Crepe. It was amazing. It even had the bubble tea tapioca's! YUM!

Our farmer's market haul. Dd is very excited about growing her nasturtium. It's one of her favorite snacks lol The kale we ate while playing yahtzee later that day. She loves raw greens!

This is dinner from our favourite bar the Loose Moose in downtown Vancouver. Everything on the menu (including drinks) is 5.95. Sunday's are a steak & prawn special. It's great food for the price!

We had some popcorn this weekend.

I drank tons of lemon water only I heated it up & put cayenne & cinnamon in it to knock this cold out.

Yet another salad. I've been trying to have one salad a day for the month of June and it's going fabulously!!

So, tell me what all did you guys eat this last week? What was your favorite? My favorite was the parfait for sure!!!

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