Saturday, June 1, 2013

Necessary Evils!

Well, Happy Saturday, Friends!!!

Normally I don't do weekend posts, but it is the first of the month & I feel there are lots of things that should be done one time a month. I figured the first is probably the best day to get those things done that way you don't have to think about them for about 20-30 more days-depending on the month! 

Now, I live in an apartment so if you live in a house and would like to add to my list feel free to mention other items in the comments below.

    1. Empty all lint traps in the laundry area.
      • Now, many people are probably thinking don't you have one you empty after each load? Yes, I do. However there are also three other lint traps I have to empty. The first is in my washer, the middle piece lifts off and you wouldn't believe the amount of lint that gets in there! It's disgusting, you may want to consult your washer's manual to see if your washer has this feature. I had no idea until ours needed to serviced and the service guy didn't seem to want to leave so he showed me, glad he did! Next, is the one just behind the one I empty after every load. It's a tricky one and can take a while to empty as it has a grate that can't be removed. The last is located in the venting that goes to the outside. Didn't know lint traps could be so complicated, eh?! 
      • Here are some projects to do with all that extra lint: , , 
    2. Clean out freezer and fridge, wipe everything down and make a list of any items we are in need of. Do the same with herbs/spices and pantry. I try to buy enough of non-perishable snacks and stuff to get us through the month so we aren't constantly running out and buying these items.
    3. Make a basic dinner plan for the month. This way when I run to Costco I can grab freezable items and non-perishables. This way I only have to take the car out one time for this purpose.
    4. Make a workout plan for the month.
    5. Clean the dishwasher.
      • I just place a cup or bowl full of vinegar on the top shelf & run it through the hottest cycle with a sani rinse since I have that option.
      • Then, I sprinkle baking soda on the bottom & I run it through a short, hot cycle.
      • Last, check the area where you'd put the rinse aid & I fill that up with vinegar.
    6. Wash outside windows (I only have two, so this is easy for me, if you have your own house you may want to schedule this at a different time).
    7. Complete budget, go to bank, schedule bills, write any necessary checks.
These are all the things I sit down and do right around the first of the month. I usually take a few days to get them all done. But, they are all typically done by the first. 

Happy June, Everyone! I hope you all are ready to start your summer vacations here soon, if you get one! I am working on a fabulous summer bucket list printable. ;) 



  1. It's also a good time to:

    Check your carbon monoxide and fire detectors

    Give pets their once-a-month medicines, such as worm meds

    Pour a baking soda/vinegar mixture down the drains, followed by boiling water, to clean them out/un-stink them

    Replace the baking soda that's open in the fridge (I make my own baking soda bars scented with neroli jasmine oil)

    Take the sides off the computer tower and blow it out

    1. Good tips, girl!!! I do the baking soda/vinegar when I do my week long deep cleaning in the kitchen so I forgot to include that! Computer tower is a great idea!