Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a Weekend!

Originally this weekend was supposed to be composed of nothing but being at home, relaxing, hubby catching up on some video game playing and me and the kiddo just going whatever instead this is what ensued....

What was supposed to happen: Nothing. I had a dentist appt, just a quiet evening. We thought about going to a music festival but were kind of iffy on it.
What actually happened: The kiddo's friend is going to Serbia for the rest of the summer so she invited my daughter and one other kid to spend the night, first they decided to come here and swim for about two hours. Then, hubby texted me and ask if I wanted to start new restaurant Friday since we did a new restaurant last Friday, so it would make a fun date night. So we headed over the Flying Pig in Yaletown. It was a really nice set up. It's very loud and the tables are a bit longer than you'd expect so don't go there if you are looking to cuddle up and get some romance in. You have to speak loud and be ready to be with people. This is what I had for dinner along with a glass of Riesling:

This was what we had as an appetizer. Bone Marrow Cheezy Bread. Seriously,  they bring you some just plain bread when you sit down, don't eat it. Immediately order this. It is AMAZING! I really could have just eaten this for dinner.
I had the BBQ Salmon. I'd never had BBQ Sauce on Salmon before but it was DELICIOUS! It came with prawn and Parmesan Risotto. The flavour combinations here were so complimentary to one another. I didn't want to stop eating, but had to force myself much like with the bread above for the last course....brace yourself it is amazing....
Vanilla cake with chocolate ganache.  I could hardly take but a few bites. It was very thick and creamy with the ganache. If you have several people to share with this is the way to go. Hubby get creme brulee so it was just little ol' me left to tackle this thing. I took a few bites then brought the rest home. After our 3 mile walk home I decided to eat a little more then the kiddo devoured most of it in the afternoon on Saturday and I ate it for dessert Saturday as well. It went the long haul providing some delicious chocolate satisfaction.

What was supposed to happen: Farmer's market, my last dentist appointment, lay around and do nothing the rest of the day. 
What actually happened: I woke up way to early (6:45) and lazed around until one of my friends said that all before 7 am she'd watched a movie and worked out. So, I got my butt up and slugged 8 ounces of water, did this warm up by blogilate, jump rope hiit by fitness blender, 100 burpee burn out, and the call me maybe squat challenge.  I love doing the 100 burpee burnout and one of blogilates pop challenges on Saturday's because they are fast, high calorie burning workouts that I can get over with quickly and enjoy my Saturday. I usually do them coupled with a run but I wasn't really feeling that this morning so I added in the jump rope HIIT. That was fantastic. If you don't have a jump rope, suck at jumping rope, or it's not practical for you to jump rope inside (like for me in my high rise just not practical) so I just mimicked jumping rope and found I was able to jump quite a bit more because I wasn't getting the rope stuck on myself. So after that I quick showered and ran up to the farmer's market. This is what I got:

Tons of goodies here. We go through a lot of eggs in a week and this was the first week for the local eggs so I got two dozen. Can't wait to show y'all what I have planned for those this upcoming week! Then, some local Raclette for the husband. A zucchini. I immediately wished I'd bought a second, but oh well there's always next Saturday. Then something new-garlic scraps. Apparently these make the world's most amazing garlic butter...I guess I'll find out! Some raspberries (not all farm's are ready with raspberries yet so this was a treat!), some strawberries, and some mushrooms. I wasn't too interested in the salad greens they had. It was mostly kale and I'm not a huge kale fan unfortunately. So, got home and put those goodies away then I went to the dentist, slept for two hours after that and then we caught the ferry to Granville Island. This is an amazing place to check out, especially if you are a visitor. There are tons of shops on the island, a lot of unique places you won't find anywhere else. They also have a giant market. During the summer it can be a little overwhelming. I know when I shopped there regularly last summer you had to be prepared to walk between people and get bumped around and whatnot.  

The ferry leaving David Lam Park to head over to Granville Island.

Approaching Granville Island. Weather didn't look to hot did it???

The marina next to Granville Island.

Fresh fish at the Granville Island Market.

More fishes!!!

Look at the coloring on this mackerel. Isn't it beautiful, it's almost iridescent. Makes we wish I had my dslr so I could have gotten really good pictures!

Octopus!! I'd never get adventurous enough to buy it, but I guess some do!

I love how these bottles looked, they were so pretty!

Gluten free vegan flax rolls! One of the few places around here that has something that looks appetizing for gluten free vegans!

 This one just cracked me up, guess they wanted to make sure you knew this one wasn't too pleasant smelling!

Inside the market there are food vendors where you can pick up a meal to eat right there. I love A La Mode. We ate there last year...they have a fantastic chicken pot pie! We got apple cinnamon sticky buns for hubby & the kiddo at another vendor (same one as the flax rolls), there is also a candy shop, a local meat place, a honey place (with multiple flavours of honey sticks), a donut place, some cheese vendors (hubby of course picked up some raclette and curds!), and a few fruit and veggie vendors. I don't typically frequents those, though because I get the impression they are not local as they had things like banana's and dragon fruit. Also I saw they had a place that makes dole whip. A must get next time I go! I thought I'd never find those anywhere but Disney! 

Saturday night: We had dinner at a cute little poutine place. I had some fries and a steamer dog. Not the best for me, but oh well. It was great time with the family and everyone enjoyed the meal so that's what mattered. Then once the sun set here-which is very late, usually not until well after 10 pm we went as a family down on the seawall to check out the Super Moon:

What was supposed to happen: The kiddo rides carpool with her friend to cheer while I lay around and relax with the hubby.
What actually happened: So, the kiddo was told about a flyer training at her cheer gym so I was up and had her to the gym at 10am for a flyer training. I stuck around there as there was a marathon going on and I didn't want to get caught in the traffic. I treated her to lunch at Subway. I wanted to take her to a place next door called The Crab Shop since she loves shellfish but she said "it looks awfully...uh, fishy, can we please have Subway", so, I obliged. 

I was hoping we'd be able to walk there, but given the fabulous Vancouver weather it was raining and I didn't bring umbrella's so we drove. We did enjoy a nice long meal as she had two hours in between. I wanted to take her to walk around, but again because of the rain we didn't but there are some awesome things you'll find in this little ware house area there are several factory stores for clothing shops, an indoor play place, and a place where you can bring your own bottles and fill up on beer to take home. I wish they had a wine place like that! Next time it's sunny I'll have to take pictures and do a feature on the places in that area as if you aren't a local you would never know they are there!

Also, back behind her cheer place is a long set of rail road tracks. I once saw a train backing up on these tracks...bizarre!

Back it up...back it up...

I actually did manage to cook this weekend. I made two things my mother in law's spaghetti and cheesy garlic barbari for hubby and bruschetta chicken (recipe to come) with garlic barbari for the kiddo and I. I served it with a nice little relish of just cucumbers for hubby and cucumbers and onion for me and the kiddo! 

Overall it was nice to have a bit of a spontaneous weekend! Now we are going into the last week of school and down to two full weeks before our summer vacation to Florida! I am so excited to see my nieces and nephews, to meet one of my nieces and see my brother whom I haven't seen in almost 3 years! 

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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