Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How we made Father's Day special...

Since I have had the luxury of being a housewife for now the second year in a row I've been trying to make as big a deal of-even the littler-holidays as possible. Father's Day was even more special this year because our daughter was really into it as well.

The first thing he saw when he woke up was this:

The printable can be found here.
It's a list of all kinds of things she likes about her dad or how she feels about things, memories, etc. it's so cute and a great way to see how her answers change throughout the years. It's definitely a keepsake. I put it under his phone before he woke up so it was the first thing he saw in the morning. My favorite one is the first one, "My Dad is funny because he teases Mom." That about sums up this family. Good thing I have a thick skin ;)

On Saturday we traipsed over to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of balloons.

She had just take a pic for instagram of one of the balloons. As you can see these weren't the ones we wound up getting but she dragged those all over the store incase they didn't have anymore of the gold and blue balloons that were in this bouquet, she was determined to get them.
Being a goober in the elevator. You can see hubby's frosty float I am carrying there lol
We then created a very meaningful bouquet. I put them in the hallway of our bedroom so this was the 2nd thing he saw when he woke up:

Each balloon meant a little something: black and gold for our university. We are still huge fans so the teen knew he'd love those. The blue because its her dads favorite color. An "it's your day" one because we were celebrating him as an awesome dad. Finally, a pink heart because she loves him so much! 

Then, we cut out sheets of paper and we each wrote down a memory or a reason why we love him/think he's a great dad. We then tied each of ours to the bottom of each balloon. 

We then surprised him with chocolate milk and a cinnamon coffee cake. It was delicious!

After that we just relaxed around the house and didn't bother him while he played Last of Us. Once the kiddo got home from cheer practice we took him to his favorite steak house for a very manly steak and then to see Man of Steel.

It was a very eventful day with tons of memories.

How did you celebrate your dad or your kid(s) dad?

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