Friday, April 3, 2015

D is for....Diary

I know what you are thinking...diary? Diary? Who the heck keeps a diary any more?! Well, I do...

This whole blog, given it's name is a diary of sorts...I am always telling y'all what I'm planning for the week, what sort of projects I'm doing, and where we are goin'! But, I also keep a few other diaries and encourage my teenager to as well.

Writing, can be very allows you to get out your thoughts and feelings privately. I know for me, I over react about EVERYTHING so keeping a written journal allows me to get out what I am currently feeling and evaluate if I am misinterpreting the situation or if it is indeed something I need to bring up with the offending individual. It also allows me to record exciting events and read back on them later, as time goes on those events may fade in my mind but I am almost always glad I wrote them down. It is also a place when we have a big decision to make I can take a few days and write about it and see where my feelings take me, that usually helps to make decisions.

I also keep a separate dream diary. I keep the separate because believe it or not I have woken up and written in it during the night and not have remembered doing it when I wake up..I don't usually find out until a morning or two or three later when I go to record a dream. It doesn't happen often, but my writing is usually not the neatest as I am usually in a hurry, or not really awake it some cases so I like to keep the separate from my regular diary.

The final diary I keep is a gratitude journal with my husband. We started it over last thanksgiving and still use it. 

I find it helps us to focus on the positive in one another, especially during stressful times when he is working long hours, or I am PMS'ing (haha). I feel like this is a bit of our own romance novel and we get a small peek in to what the other is thinking.

Do you keep a diary of any sort?

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  1. Love this post! I actually have several journals. One is a "regular" journal of my day to day life; I write in it several times a week. I started it the day I moved out (Sept. 12, 2012) after discovering my (now ex) husband of almost 23 years was cheating. I'm on my third journal. It was a dark time but I wanted to document my journey. It also turned into a way to document positive things and rebuild my self-confidence as I got two nursing jobs and rebuilt my life. I also keep a journal of thoughts related to the Bible study I do every day; new insights, questions about the reading, etc. Last fall I got reacquainted with a high school friend...long story short, after a few months of "just friends" we started to date and now are planning marriage. I started a journal about our relationship shortly before we decided to date; I was so doubting of my judgement I needed to record his actions, my feelings, our conversations, etc, to reassure myself (or to show that our relationship wouldn't work). Right now the journals are for my eyes only...but maybe some day my kids will find them and find them interesting too.

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