Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Albums

A couple of months ago, back in February I read this article posted by another blogger. He tells us how the generation of children coming up, in roughly 10 years will have NO pictures! WHAT?! How can that be?!

My daughter has picked up scrapbooking here and there. In about late 1999 scrapbooking became a big deal with the popularity of Creative Memories or whatever that company is called. However, I was scrapbooking long before that. My mother started creating formal picture albums with the sticky sheet albums and decorating the covers beautifully (well, for the time, it was the 80's ;))

When I was in high school I kept two scrapbooks, one was just something for me to throw ticket stubs in, pressed flowers, little memories like that. The other was a formal picture album which I used card stock and construction paper and stickers to decorate the pages. To date I have finished roughly 9 albums. I should have a lot more but I have slowly fallen behind over the years.

The article written by Mike Yost Photography has really re-inspired me to make sure I get these pictures preserved for future generations.

I wish I had all of my albums with me to take photos and show you how I have preserved our memories over the years but I sent them to my mother to store for us, but I am here to share with you two albums I have made and am working on recently.

The first is a digital scrapbook that I am creating and sending off to someone special very soon! I took off all the identifying details because the person the gift is going to will most likely read this very post and I don't want to give it away, but once it is received I will share a few more photos and who it was for. The idea behind this though was to give a keepsake gift for a milestone they will never forget.

Creating a book on Shutterfly or any similar website is very easy.

First, you just log into your account and go to the gifts section. You then choose the type of album, page numbers (don't worry, you can add pages as you go along), then start uploading photos to the album! I found the easiest way was to upload them to the photo strip and then drag and drop them where they belonged. This way I could manipulate them to a certain degree to have fewer on one page and more on another.

Front cover.

As you can see you can easily select different layouts, embellishments, and backgrounds. You can even get layout ideas, which can be a real lifesaver if you are having a creative crisis.

Once you are done you finish it up and order it. It can be printed and sent away. I found this a particularly easy gift to give still having a US bank account it was easy to pay and ship directly to her door!

I will say though that creating a scrapbook like this did not give me the same pleasure as a paper scrapbook I put together with my hands. I would do this again for a gift, but for my personal scrapbooking I prefer to make paper albums, like the one I am working on now.

I found this album at Paperchase in Amsterdam, I felt like it summed 2014 up in a nutshell: luggage! We moved and traveled a lot last year and since all of last year's photos will be going into it, I felt it the perfect story starter.

To do paper scrapbooking you can get really super fancy or keep it really simple. I have found the simpler the better. I used to have a die cutting machine, which I loved but not necessary. You can use fancy papers, but again, not necessary.

You should be mindful to use acid free paper, writing utensils, glue, and embelishments as they can wear down the photos over time (although I do have one scrapbook I made on construction paper when I was a child and it is fine, the paper is just faded.) are some sample pages...

This was my first layout for London, I used some stamps and a stencil to create little plaques for journaling.
These layouts had so much in the pictures I kept them a bit simpler so you could really focus on what was in the photos, too much embellishment would be distracting and make the page too busy.
This is the intro page to our Hawaiian vacation. I used some letter cut outs from the Flow Book For Paper Lovers and I cut out a sign of one picture to create a piece of authentic embellishment. To create a journaling plaque I just framed a piece of card stock with some washi tape.

This is my favorite layout in the whole book so far I think. I love how I framed the photos on the left with washi tape, use photo corners on the right and more washi tape and letter's from the Flow Book For Paper Lovers to tell where we were. I then used all the blank space to tell a really humorous story from my time there. I won't go into detail but it does involve me thinking a solid 50 fake spiders were real. :P

How do you preserve your family's memories? I would love to hear more in the comments!


  1. My kids are both budding photographers. They went to London this past weekend, and I've been sitting through hundreds of photos.

    1. Wow! I bet they took some amazing ones. Hopefully they can get some printed and put in an album or hung on the wall. I am taking my daughter there over her May break so I am hoping to get some better pictures, when we went last Feb it was soooooo windy that day!!

  2. I love scrapbooks. Such a pleasure to look through. I'll have to get busy.

    1. I agree, scrapbooks are such a joy and bring back all the happy memories!