Monday, April 20, 2015

Keepsake Trophy Display

A few weeks ago my mom and I were talking via FaceTime, when we chat we usually take the time to show each other the projects we are working on. During our last call she was explaining that her and my Dad were cleaning out the attic (to which I replied again?! I swear they are always cleaning out the attic haha). Anyway, they had come across some old toys and keepsakes of mine and my brother's.

Of my brother's things they found an old block set and all of his trophies from high school. My mom knew these items in their current state were just taking up too much room, but she also didn't want to just toss them. So, being ever creative as she is, she put together this amazing piece combining the vintage blocks and his trophy plaques.


  • Building blocks
  • Plaques from the front of a trophy
  • E6000 Glue (can be found at Home Depot for sure, even in Canada, Europe I have nothing for ya yet lol)
  • Paint colour of your choice (I would go neutral though so it is a timeless piece) my mom used a cream colour
  • Hanging kit
  1. Lay out blocks in the pattern of your choice. 
  2. Once set glue them together using the E6000.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Paint the blocks with the paint colour of your choice.
  5. Using the E6000 Glue again or a hot glue gun glue the trophy plaques on to the block background you created. 
  6. Once dry, turn the blocks over and install the hanging kit.
  7. Hang and enjoy!
I really love finding unique ways to preserve old memories. What is your favorite memory?

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