Sunday, April 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday #15

I'm not really going to do a weekend recap because the posts I have coming up this week are all from the super fun things we did this past weekend. Hubby has finally recovered from his 3 weeks straight of work (although he may be going right back into that) and since this past weekend was a three dayer for us thanks to Koningsdag on Monday I took advantage and dragged him and the teeanger to the Keukenhof, Elfia, and my friends house for some King's Day celebration in the city center.

This past week I wrote a few great posts about traveling, make sure you check them out:

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Also, our friend Stacey Grice had the debut of her second book, Tapped this week...go check out the post I did for her blog tour, then buy the book because it was awesome!

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Quiet apartment workout  coupled with some glute bridges, planks, and stretching
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: T25 Cardio and T25 Stretching
Saturday: 4 mile run and stretching

Not really setting any goals for this week but to explore Berlin and make some fabulous memories learning about another country/city with my teenager.

But, despite all this excitement we must continue to eat. The menu will be abbreviated because the kiddo and I are traveling and the husband will mostly eat whatever work is providing for all the over time (ha!).

*Lately my breakfasts have consisted of Bullet proof coffee (with 1 T coconut oil, 1 T butter, and 50ml of real fresh cows milk and a banana, I never thought this could fill me up but it really does the trick!)
Sunday: Cereal
Monday: Egg and cheese croissant sandwiches
Saturday: Same as Monday

Sunday: Lunch at Ren Fayre (meat on a stick was awesome)
Monday: King's day will probably just feast from the food vendors
Saturday: Soup and Sandwiches

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: hamburgers, rice, and carrots (if we come home for dinner)
Friday: Pizza with salad
Saturday: either Monday's dinner if we don't eat that or tacos with salad

This week I will be linking up with Mommy Run Fast, Jill Conyers, and I'm an Organizing Junkie...come check out the rest of the party for some other great ideas!

We are on our second round of spring break here, ready to wind up this school year, when do your kids get out?

As a side note, have you ever been to Berlin? Have suggestions on must see/eat places? We mostly have our itinerary set but are willing to add a few "must-do-see-eat" places to it!

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Have so much fun exploring! We just finished spring break here in Maine, the kids are heading back to school this morning! In my post today, I am questioning T25 and Piyo, would love to hear your opinion! Have a great week!