Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WODs-Travel Edition-#8

So, this month the kiddo and I are on holiday for the month! Well, not quite a full month, but 24 days, pretty darned close! As I said in my monthly fitness schedule post I was not going to slack on my workouts while on vacation as they just make me feel too darned good! I've deviated from my original monthly workout plan because I got Focus T25 in the mail last week and couldn't wait to start it! So, I’m mostly doing that, but also incorporating some things from my original schedule into the mix. Just trying to keep it fun! So, here’s what my workouts have looked like since last Wednesday:

Wednesday: Focus T25 Day 1
Thursday: Focus T25 Day 2
Friday: Travel day; some light stretching once I got to our final destination; squat and plank challenge
Saturday: Focus T25 Day 4; 2 mile run, light stretching, squat and plank challenge
Sunday: Focus T25 Day 5; squat and plank challenge and a one mile walk
Monday: Focus T25 Day 6 (one hour); squat and plank challenge (I should be almost caught up by this point)
Tuesday: Focus T25 Day 7 (stretching) squat and plank challenge and a two mile run
Today: Focus T25 Day 8; squat and plank challenge, and moving stuff in and out of my parents condo to get ready for our week at the beach! It was hot, muggy and there were two flights of stairs and we made about 5 trips! :-/

Now, here’s a look at what I've been eating:

Healthy snacks for the plane ride!

My mom left chocolates on our pillow ;)

Chick-fil-a! No chicken sandwich anywhere can compare to this! LOL It was quite the treat!

After the sandwich was this amazing peanut butter milk shake. It came with a side cart...I couldn't drink it all!

This was my meal with the milkshake! I At the salad it came with, almost one whole chicken tender and half of a half of the biscuit. I felt awful after, but it was so good!!!! LOL

Then, some redemption! ;) Apple pie protein shake!

Some of this isn't the best, but I am on “vacation”. I am trying to avoid high sodium foods and when I can’t (like the day I HAD to have Chick-Fil-A I got someone so split my sandwich with me and I had a salad on the side with dressing I brought from home. I don’t drink soda or anything of the sort so that does me some favours ;) 

I hope you all had a fab hump day!!!

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  1. Just curious, what recipe do you follow for your Apple Pie Smoothie? I've tried so many, but more the merrier :)

    1. haha! I am so with you! I have so many variations! This one was done with 1/2 fresh apple juice (my mom had some sort of organic 100% juice she had picked up from the local grocer), 1/2 filtered water, 1/4 chopped apple with skin on, 1/2 packet organic cinnamon roll flavoured oatmeal (not my usual choice, but it's what mom had), and a scoop of vanilla protein powder! It was so cinnamoney and delicious!!! Plus, the pineapple straw made it even more awesome! ha!