Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Focus T25...an honest account Day 5 and 6

Day 5

AB INTERVALS!!! Yup, this pretty much says it all....

25 Minutes of nothing but abs :-/ I do not have a strong core and I hate ab work. But, this was very doable. Thank goodness Shaun T, like me, hates crunches. I couldn't have done 25 minutes of crunches. I'd have hurt myself. Seriously. So, moving on to the meat of the workout:

Once you get through the bombardment of Shakeology commercials you will need a "beachbody mini mat", I used a regular old fashioned yoga mat. Most of the exercises don't have much modification I noticed. So, if you are pregnant you probably want to substitute this with another DVD. There was one exercise, the double leg hand to foot, that I did have to modify as my core was getting a bit tired by that point. I do love though that every few exercises there is a "cardio recovery" to complete. I really like this break and it does give you enough of a break that you can continue working hard without straining your core muscles. At the very end there is a 3.5 minute cool down.

This was me at the end: 
This one you don't do a whole heck of a lot of sweating in, but your muscles do get worked super hard!

Day 6

Yup, it was already that day...Doubles Day.  I thought about breaking it up, but really wanted to be able to stretch and relax on the 7th day so I got up and just knocked out the 50 minutes back-to-back.

First, I did the Cardio DVD so that way I'd be nice and warm for the lower focus as I figured there would be a lot of squats-and there was. But, to talk a little more on the Cardio, something I didn't elaborate too much on during my first account of the cardio dvd is the burnout. At 15 minutes there is a burnout. It's a 2-3 minute non-stop workout of the previous 4-5 exercises you've just done. This happens again at 5 minutes. Then, the final 3 minutes are "power moves" where you work all the major muscle groups, but you keep going for all three minutes.

Last, I did the lower focus. I hadn't done this one yet. It was of course a 25 minute DVD and starts with a nice warm up, much like the one in the Cardio DVD. This is basically the equivalent of leg day. It works the lower abs, booty, thighs, calves, etc. There is a burnout at 13 minutes where, for the next 2-3 minutes you consecutively do the hardest version of all the previous exercises. Then, you move on to learning the next set of exercises. However, after the lunge progression at about 9 minutes or so I don't know what happens as 4 times my DVD kept skipping to the last minute. So, after much backing up and rewinding and restarting I gave up and just did the final minute and called it a day. I am going to try cleaning the DVD before sending it back, though. I will say, this workout is a fantastic lower body workout. It is full of balance exercises; focusing on calf toning, and lots and lots of squats!!! As for modifications, I'll be honest I was trying to keep up (I was tired and sore lol) so I didn't pay too much attention, but I know she didn't modify a whole, whole lot. A good majority of the time the modifier was doing exactly what the rest of the crew was doing.  The cool down is 3 minutes 10 seconds long. This cool down is more of what I am used to in way of hip flexor stretching, forward bend and stretching to the left and right to work those hamstrings. 

I really didn't mind the double day and enjoyed the sweat I worked up. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of what I looked like after as we were in a hurry to get out the door, but I was definitely a hot and sweaty mess and my mom razzed me about sweating all over her floor. LOL!!!

So, are you doing T25? Do you like it?


  1. I am now on day 2, so far is good, but I did Insanity before so this is totally different, however my butt is sore lol! that's a good sign.

  2. haha! Yeah, my abs were killing me after the ab day!!! I've done insanity quite a few times and P90X so I didn't expect to be too sore, but if you work hard, it sure can do that to ya!!!