Thursday, July 4, 2013

Focus honest account Day 2

Day 2 of Focus T25! It was a tough day! 

We are getting ready to head out on holiday for the rest of July (well, me and the kiddo the Mr. unfortunately only gets to escape for a week) and so today was a pretty busy day. We had a few appointments to take care of hair care, eye brow care, drs appointments and whatnot so we were good to go for the rest of the month and can have easy travels. So, after all of that was I happy to come home to a 25 minutes workout!

Today was Speed 1.0. This one could actually be construed as a true 25 minute workout. I was very pleased with it. It started out slower with a nice warm up. At about the 22 or 21 minute mark we did a small stretch. Then, I noticed after just about every move or move + variation on a move there was a stretch. This was a great HIIT style workout! Brought the heart rate up, then we had to stabilize. I will give a word of warning if you are not coordinated, take this workout slow and make sure to keep those abs tight!!! This is a fast paced workout that switches quickly between moves that do require a bit of coordination. So be careful!

At the 10 minute mark you hit the "burn out" time period. This is where for 9 full minutes you do nothing but move between all the different moves. At the last minute you go through a series of stretches. This is why I say this one is more of a true 25 minute workout. You hit warm up and a cool down/stretch within the full 25 minutes. There is still the 2:25 cool down/stretch at the end, but if you really couldn't spare that 2:25 you could skip it since there is a stretch in the last minute of the 25 minute workout. 

This was me at the end: 

I was tired and very sweaty, my headband fell out, and I had a side stitch! Also, forgive my mismatched workout clothes! LOL

One other note I want to make about today's and yesterday's workout is there is a 25 minute timer in the bottom left of the screen. But, just on top of that it tells you what exercise move you are doing and there is a separate little timer for that! It really helps because you can actually see how much time is left and for someone like me that really helps because if I know there is just a few seconds I'll push just that much harder!

Can't wait for Day 3 tomorrow....still trying to decide if I'm going to make it a 4 am wake up call and get it done or wait until I get to my parents and squeeze it in after they go to bed! 

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