Saturday, July 6, 2013

Focus T25...and honest account Day's 3 & 4

I am doing two days today because we were busy traveling yesterday and honestly I was way too tired to link up and think about doing a post yesterday. So, you get two day's in one today!

Before I start on my reviews of the last two day's I thought I'd give a little more information on the full programme itself.

The programme is broken up into three parts: alpha, beta, and omega. Alpha and Beta come with the initial order, Omega you can order separately. The Alpha phase is the first 5 weeks, which is what I am in now.

This is the first week's schedule:

Day 3: I took this as a travel day (we'll say STATurday) and relaxed. Thank goodness T25 is a 5 day a week programme so I was able to relax and not worry about wanting to take the day off! After everyone went to bed I did do some squats, planks, and some stretching. It felt good after a long day of travel. I did not record my stats. I do those once a month. I have been taking pictures though over the last couple of days as a way to record my progress. I am not one to weight myself a lot and do a ton of measurements as they tend to make me goofy and nervous whenever I want to eat so I just stick to recording once a month.

Day 4:

This was truly, a total body exercise! I was a bit jet lagged. Everyone went to bed at 12:30 EST, which is only 9:30 PST. So, I laid down at 1:30 finally, and was up when the Mr. came in from visiting his family at 2:30 am and we were up chatting for at least an hour, then I was up at 8:00 am, which felt like 5 am! So, this one felt a lot tougher than I think it normally would have. I did take 2 little breaks, but a quick pep talk of "hey! this is only 25 minutes move your booty!" really got me going. There is only one spot that really requires some coordination between your brain and body-the moving jabs. You are sort of faced to the side and jump backwards as you jab. For whatever reason my body was just not cool with that move today. I felt like an idiot and my mother kept laughing and telling me how I was doing it wrong! LOL I wish I'd thought to take a pic of myself at the end because this was definitely the sweatiest of days! The modifications were very low impact. The push up's were modified and done on the knees and they had a really cool modifications for the burpees where you were in plank, lowered your knees (like a modified push up), then raise them again. I'd never seen that before, I thought the modifications were great for anyone suffering from injuries or if you are pregnant. Of course, if you are either of these, use your brain and consult your doctor first! ;)

Coming up tomorrow is "Ab Intervals"...this one makes me nervous because I don't have a very strong core ;)

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