Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best Bathroom Organization Tip

This is my second bathroom organization post. My first one can be found here along with a tutorial for naturally cleaning your make up brushes. I thought when I did that post that I had figured out the perfect storage for under my bathroom sink. But, within just a few days our vanity was just as junked up as can be. It was very, very frustrating. So, I thought on it for a few days and *thought* I may have found the *perfect* solution. I was skeptical and didn't post about it right away as I wanted to see how it worked out. I am happy to report folks that it did indeed work!

After hubby and I get up in the morning and get ready for the day, I am not dealing with mounds of toiletries or make-up being left all over the counter. There is no going back later to put everything away and clean off the counter. It just sort of stays clean! It’s really quite awesome.

This little “makeover” cost me a whopping $2.65 CAD. So those of you in the states will be about $2.14. I walked my little booty to the dollar store and got a couple of divider caddies with a handle in them. I put the Mr.’s toiletries and razors in one and mine in the other. I even went and bought up separate toothpaste so that wasn’t sitting out all the time either. Sounds silly I know, but I really was sick of constantly cleaning off our vanity. It was quickly becoming the bane of my existence. Here are the caddies all packed and ready for the day:

As you can see I have my Dr. Bronner’s based face wash, my lavender coconut oil moisturizer, my exfoliating pads, deodorant, and dental picks on one side. In the smallest compartment I put my floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste and my razor. I do dry my toothbrush off before I put it away. In the last compartment is my Moroccan oil protector for my hair, hairspray, my wide tooth comb, my hairbrush, and a couple of bun picks.

In hubby’s he has on the left side his razor and trimmer and in a small snack size baggie I put all the attachments to his trimmer, this side also keeps his hair gel. In the smallest compartment is his floss, toothbrush, toothpaste (I don’t think he dries his toothbrush prior to putting it away, but I’m taking that one step at a time lol) and for whatever reason he keeps his deodorant in there too. In the last compartment is all of his contact stuff: two small bottles of solution, his current contacts in their case, and his extra contacts.
Here is a final look at the entire underside of the sink:

As you can see our caddies fit perfectly right in front so we can grab them easily and put them away just as easily. On the left I keep all of my sample products I get for traveling in the bottom shoe box, just above that is all of our sun care stuff. In the red and black tackle box is our first aid kit. It’s a little full right now. The bottle of Advil I bought was a bit bigger than I thought so now the box doesn't close all the way. But, at least it is all there and easily accessible. In the back are my spiral rollers and my face steamer (this this is a godsend in the winter). On the bottom right are my everyday use hot rollers. On top of that is my big box of hair crap. I think I am going to make my way over to home depot and do this for my hair irons, but for now this keeps them corralled and in one spot. I also have my hot roller pins in here along with various other hair accessories.

I think the toiletry baskets have been essential to our success in keeping clutter off the vanity. Even the Mr. manages to put the basket away most days, if he doesn't at least its quick to grab and throw under the sink for him because he always puts his toiletries back in the basket.

What is your best bathroom organization tool???

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