Monday, July 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-Vacation Edition (again) #15

Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Yes, we are yet again at another vacation edition of Menu Plan Monday! Really hard to believe, but our month long holiday is almost over! My next menu plan will be a serious real menu plan for my family at home! As much as I've loved visiting my mom and dad, in-laws, and my brother, and all my nieces and nephews I am jonesing to get home and back to my routine. But, I am going to enjoy the sun and beach for now. So, without further ado....

Monday-Avocado toast and berries; oatmeal for the kiddo
Tuesday-Egg & avocado sandwiches with oranges
Wednesday-Oatmeal with berries
Thursday-Cinnamon buns (we are on vacation afterall ;))
Friday-Protein oatmeal smoothie (the kiddo will just have a regular smoothie)
Saturday-Eggs with cheese and veggies and potato wedges
Sunday-Egg sandwich with veggies

Monday-Veggie burgers with fruit
Tuesday-Pizza at a local place
Wednesday-Veggie tortillas
Thursday-Eat out with Mom
Saturday-Peanut butter & jelly with fruit

Monday-Crispy smashed potatoes and flounder
Tuesday-Meatless BBQ "riblets" with zucchini and mushrooms
Thursday-Homemade mac & cheese with mixed veggies
Friday-Eat out with in-laws maybe???
Sunday-pizza or whatever my mom wants to make for a big Sunday dinner for out last night of vacation!

Well, this is my last vacation meal plan! Stayed tuned for a real meal plan for the following week with meal prep and grocery list!

I hope every one is having a fab summer!

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