Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Ate Wedenesday/WODs-Travel Edition #10

Hey Everybody!!!

I've been on vacation so my posts are kind of crazy! But, here I am with another What I Ate Wednesday!!!

First, we'll talk about workouts, just because I've been on vacation doesn't mean I've been slacking in this department. I can't remember exactly what workouts I've done so far since last Wednesday as we've been super busy, but here's what I got:

Thursday: Focus T25, 1 mile run/1 mile walk
Friday: Focus T25
Saturday: a little over 6 total mile run
Sunday: 5 mile run
Monday: Day off knee was hurting but walked a solid 4 miles on the beach at least
Tuesday: Day off but probably walked a good 8 miles between the beach and after dinner in town. We also did a ton of swimming in the ocean and pool.
Today: 3 mile run, walking at the farmer's market and will jump waves in the ocean and do a little boogie boarding

Here's what I've been eating. I will say I am eating a little more white bread than usual, but after yesterday's lunch I won't be having any more of that. But, I've been enjoying myself and sharing good meals with my family. I'm keeping it fun, but definitely watching my portions. 

My mom and I split this egg and cheese bagel it was so tasty!

Sampler dinner at IHOP with my extended family. I ate every last bite after hours at the beach and pool!

Hummus, peppers, spinach, avocado, sandwich thin for lunch at the beach!

Watermelon Cake....that's a real life watermelon under that frosting!

BBQ Dinner...used a Hawaiian bun for my hot dog, some pasta salad and baked beans. After a day in the sun at the beach and pool + a 6 mile run I needed those carbs!

Coffee at our favorite little seaside restaurant.

Breakfast at our favorite little seaside to come! 

Local place in town where we are vacationing. They use all local ingredients! It was to come!

I personally didn't eat these, but my kiddo did! She was needing some serious chocolate last night so I made her S' Mom (her Nanya) bought the world's biggest marshmallows! ...that's a s'more!

Well, that's it for What I Ate Wednesday! I hope you all have a good one!

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  1. Honestly I've never heard of a watermelon cake, but that looks pretty tasty!