Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday/WODs #4

Happy Wednesday!!!

Over here we've been battling a cold. So a good majority of our meals consist of having a cup of lemon water with honey, cinnamon, and cayenne to try and get rid of this horrible cold. It wouldn't be so bad, but I go to bed thinking I'll feel better the next morning and usually I feel absolutely horrible! I'm hoping with the sun that is supposed to come in tomorrow it will bring some good feeling vibe with it or something. 

Anyway, enough whining! On to the workout's first today. Last week I was bound & determined to do every workout, in the order I am supposed to without whining. I DID IT! Personal goal of mine so that was pretty exciting. Here's what the workouts consisted of:

Wednesday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs. I also took a nice long walk around the neighborhood my daughter's gym is in. Saw a train on the tracks that I thought were just abandoned, it lost it's cargo & had to back up! I had no idea trains could back up?! Anyway, the workout was killer I woke up Thursday with sore ribs from the hard work during the abs. 

Thursday: Max Recovery. I was so glad too, I was very sore. But, this was a great workout. My hip even cooperated so I was able to do all the hip openers all the way through.

Friday: Max Interval Circuit. Legs. Were. Dying. I also did a ton of walking this day between getting the kid to school, then home, then taking her belongings for her weekend trip to her friends house, then home. It was a lot of walking.

Saturday: Core Cardio & Balance. This is a nice easy 35 minute workout. I got up early before the husband & knocked it out. It was fab!

Sunday: Rest Day. I woke up & was starting to get sick. :( So, I took it easy, took a hot detox bath, did a little stretching & walking and that was about it.

Monday: Max Interval Plyo. Even though I was sick I worked  as hard as I could without stressing my body too much so it could still heal. 

Tuesday: I decided to take today as my rest day. I am still feeling pretty awful and by 11 am had taken two naps so I decided just to work on the blog, drink my lemon water, and let myself heal. I also took a hot detox bath. 

Today: I'm moving everything down a day so today I'll do Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs. This is my last week of Insanity so I am super excited to finish up strong & move on to another round of P90X.

So, as you can see I am super excited to get back to lifting weights. I have a couple of goals for this summer round of P90X which I will address when I show off my June workout calendar. Anyway, on to the FOOD!  You can read here about our experience at Eat! Vancouver this past weekend, but that's obviously not all I ate....

French Toast!! I don't make this often but my daughter was leaving for a long weekend so I made her nutella/banana/cinnamon french toast & decided to have a piece with her. I didn't want anything so decadent & I have issues with eating chocolate in the morning lol so I opted for this! It was amazing!

Saturday morning breakfast for the Mr. & I. Homemade dough, ricotta, mozzarella, eggs, bacon, and a bit more mozzarella just for good measure. ;)

I don't want soda often but lately I've been craving all things ginger so I decided to grab a gingerale after Eat! Vancouver to enjoy the evening.

This was dinner last night since I wasn't feeling well. I'd been wanting to try a Thai place up the street called Pink Elephant. The kiddo & I split the leftovers for lunch & there's still a little in there for breakfast or lunch tomorrow!

Lunch one day. Egg salad sandwich with baby greens, cashews, oranges, and pickle.

Mmmmm cereal with raisins & bananas!

Post-workout snack one day. Almond butter sandwich with greek yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup, blueberries, and flaxmeal. 

After the kiddo's band concert last Thursday we went to a local pizza place she loves. They got pizza & I got a massive Caesar Salad. It was amazing.

So, that sums up my week in food & fitness! Making better food choices all the time!!! 

What was your favorite food this last week? Mine was probably the lobster & raclette my hubby made after Eat Vancouver last Saturday!

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