Monday, May 20, 2013

Meal Plan & Prep Monday #6

Happy Monday, Everyone!!!

We had a rather fun weekend on this end. It was a holiday weekend here as today is Victoria Day...apparently celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria which is mostly a Canadian holiday, apparently. I have a lot to learn about Canada being a transplant and all, but hey any day the kiddo and the husband can be home with me I'm not going to complain!

We had a blast this weekend. Iron Man 3 Friday night with an amazing homemade meal of ribs, zucchini, corn, and pear sauce. I was originally going to do mac and cheese but when making my meal plan discovered I needed to use up some pears so I made cinnamon pears. Check out the pic, it was very delicious!

Hubby & the kiddo before Iron Man 3.
Ribs, cinnamon pears & corn. Such a delicious meal!
Saturday was a workout day and we worked on projects and just enjoyed being together. It was cloudy, but luckily we have an indoor pool so we were able to make great use of that!

Now for Sunday we have decided to forego our Sunday treat of donuts because it doesn't start our week off well and usually leaves us all feeling pretty crummy. So, a workout (since I missed Wednesday due to not feeling well), then a trip to the first farmer's market of the season! It was fun & I found some awesome greens, but I can't wait for the main one to start where there will be actual farms. This one was just a bunch of expensive retailers selling their "organic" stuff...guess that's what happens when it's sponsored by the most expensive hotel in town! Here are the green's though!

So, now that you know exactly what we've been up to let me share my meal & prep plan with you for this week. My goal is to make sure I really do all my prep because when I do we always have a great week...unlike last week! ha!


Monday: Carnation instant breakfast and banana/oatmeal parfait
Sunday prep: measure out 8oz milk in a mason jar, add in 1/3 cup carnation, shake & put in fridge (x2). Cook up oatmeal. I use Coach's oats for now from Costco so it's 8oz water to 1/3 cup oats. Boil 5 min. Let cool. In two mason jars put a thin layer of oats on bottom sprinkle with flax meal, layer with chopped frozen fruit of choice. Add another layer of oats, put some more fruit & flax meal or chia seeds. Top with a small dallop of yogurt (greek/soy/coconut whatever) & sprinkle with a little maple syrup. Store in fridge until ready to eat.

Tuesday: Cereal with bananas
Sunday Prep: For kiddo measure out 3/4 cup of cinnamon toast crunch (X2), measure out 1/3 cup of milk (X2) store in jar in fridge. Put cereal in bowl, cover with plastic wrap. For me, measure out 1 cup of nature's path, put in bowl covered with saran wrap. Measure out 1/2 cup almond milk. Store in jar in fridge. Put banana's on top of bowls.

Wednesday: Carnations with banana/egg white mug with iced coffee
Sunday Prep: see above for first one. Measure out 1/2 cup egg whites, throw in some spinach, grated cheese & sliced onion & a soy veggie patty. Store in jar until ready to heat in microwave. Premake coffee in mason jar 8oz coconut or almond milk, 1 packet of stevia, 1tsp instant coffee, 1tsp vanilla (X2). Add ice when ready to serve.

Thursday: Cereal with bananas
Sunday Prep: see Tuesday.

Friday: Protein plate/leftover cinnamon rolls that were frozen & hot cocoa
Sunday Prep: Boil eggs, when cool put in tupperware plate along with slices of cheese, half a banana muffin with peanut butter. Serve with iced coffee.

Saturday: Omelette's with leftovers from Wednesday's dinner.
Sunday Prep: None. All made fresh-ish.

Sunday: Homemade donut holes.
Sunday Prep: None, make fresh Sunday A.M.


Monday: Ham & cheese crescents with fruit salad
Sunday Prep: Chop fruits for salad, sprinkle with lemon juice for flavor/preservation. Crescents will be made fresh since it is a holiday for us but if you want to pack them in a lunch go ahead & lay crescents on baking pan put ham & cheese in center. Roll up & bake at 350F (176C) for 8-10 min. Let cool & wrap in foil and store in fridge. Pack in lunch. They can be eaten cold or reheated! Hubby loves these because they are one of the few things that reheats very nicely.

Tuesday: Leftover ribs/apples, oatmeal parfait & raw spinach,/veggie burger & cottage cheese.
Sunday Prep: Prepare this burger recipe. It's excellent for freezing so you'll have many for days to come. Portion out ribs & tuck away in container in lunch bag & store in fridge with sliced apple topped with a drizzle of lemon juice for preservation. Portion out spinach & cottage cheese.

Wednesday: Leftover crescents/green smoothie
Sunday Prep: After lunch on Monday portion out leftovers into tupperware. In blender combine 8oz almond or coconut milk, throw in whatever leftover frozen fruit from last week (I have strawberry tops, pear, apple, and peach), throw in whatever green you have on hand, I have spinach, toss in a table spoon of flax and a tablespoon of nut butter. Blend up & freeze. Take out Tuesday night to defrost overnight.

Thursday: Subs with fruit
Sunday Prep: none I prefer my subs fresh. Fruit will be whatever leftover fruit needs to be used up.

Friday: "lunchable" for the kiddo, meet hubby for lunch
Sunday Prep: portion out crackers, cheese, and lunch meat for the "lunchable". In reusable juice box container pack a fresh juice, and send with a little piece of chocolate for dessert.

Saturday: Late lunch/early dinner: Mongolian BBQ Maybe...
Sunday Prep: None :)

Sunday: Just a light dinner with whatever is leftover.
Sunday Prep: None. Just raid the fridge. ;)


Monday: Grilled cheese with chicken noodle soup & homemade veggie soup
Sunday Prep: Chop veggies for soup, store in bag in fridge.

Tuesday: BBQ chicken crescents/bbq chicken salad with side salad
Sunday Prep: Chop & make salad.

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner: very vanilla vegan pancakes, omelette's, bacon and veg sausage
Sunday Prep: make pancakes & freeze

Thursday: homemade hamburger helper & salad.
Sunday Prep: mix together spices for hamburger helper.

Friday: bbq pork sliders and side salad/bbq pork salad
Sunday Prep: None. This will be made from the leftover ribs that were frozen after last Friday's dinner.

Saturday: Late lunch/early dinner
Sunday Prep: NONE!

Sunday: Baked spaghetti with garlic bread & salad
Sunday Prep: Salad will have been made already, otherwise the rest will be made fresh.

So, that's what we are having for the week! I hope everyone get's their meals prepped & ready to go so you can have just as relaxing a week ahead!

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