Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Make Book Page Bottles

So, we have a book we love, for me it's the last book in the George RR Martin Series Fire and Ice....ya know "Game of Thrones". So, this book has been across the US and back; been in the hands of many different people. Well, needless to say this book as seen better days. Pages were quite literally falling out of it!!! I kept trying to tape them back in, but hubby finally bought all the books on the iPad so we'd always have them so we have this poor little falling apart book & nothing to do with it...however, in my meager attempts to not waste ANYTHING I decided to do some book page crafts! I know, some of you are about to faint right now, but remember, this book was just going to be recycled so I decided to turn it into some fun crafts so we could always have little bits of it around the house! I've done several different book page crafts with this book but I'm just going to feature one here today and that is the Book Page bottles I made! They are so cute, and so easy!!! So, here we go...

-one-two glass bottles (I used two old coke bottles)
-a bottle of matte mod podge
-an old book
-ribbon/other adornments if you want
  1. Tear out a few pages from your book, cut those into 1-1.5" strips. You can cut them or tear them. I chose to cut mine, but I wasn't too picky about how even they were. 
  2. Working in sections put a thin layer of mod podge and lay down a strip of the book. It should be about the length of the bottle if it's longer or shorter you can fix that later, don't worry! Work your way around the bottle doing this. Let it dry for about two hours.
  3. Then, working around the bottle again, coat with mod podge and lay book pages going the opposite way or in whatever direction you'd like. This is a piece of art so make what you want!! I sort of laid mine every which way. You can see that here: 
  4. Make sure everything is smoothed out. Let dry at least another two hours.
  5. Coat with a final coating of mod podge. Let dry at least 1-2 hours. 
  6. Add some cute ribbon to go with your decor & maybe a flower or I found these cute Styrofoam spring picks at the dollar store & they really add a splash of color to my spring mantle!! Here is the finished product: 
These are super cute and very easy to make. Plus, they make good use of a book that was about to be trashed! I turned it into a fabulous treasure!! If you make some email me pictures here!


  1. Hi from the #ThrowbackThursdayLinkUp! These look adorable. I have some old books from when I was really little that are falling apart, but I can't part with them yet. I've been trying to come up with ideas on how I could use them in some other way :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! This is such a fun project. Other things you can do with those books are make Christmas trees for Christmas if you celebrate, make pumpkins for Halloween, and stuff like that! So fun!

  2. I love making things out of recycled books! I once made an altered book. Thanks for sharing your pretty creations on #throwbackthursday linkup!