Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jewelry Organization Tutorial

Good Morning!!!

The first thing I want to share with you all are some pictures I took last Friday on a walk through the Stanley Park Rose Garden here in Vancouver! I am trying to hone my photography skills so I wanted to share what I felt were the top three of all the ones I took. I think they really embody Spring! Which, with all this rain we started getting Saturday night I need to be reminded spring is even here!

I love how this one turned out because it looks like a field of tulips! Really, it was just  a small  flower bed, but I guess I played with the angle just right! 

This was a neat little cave area & the sun was shining in at just the right angle.

Ok, so on to the tutorial I want to share with all of you. After (mostly) living in small apartments over the last 13+ years of marriage I needed to finally get some sort of jewelry organization going. It was everywhere & wasn't being taken care of the best. Because of this, I have lost a few pieces. So, not want to lose any more I knew  a solution needed to be found.  So, in comes Pinterest. That gave me an overwhelming number of options. I had to narrow it down. So, I stopped looking at Pinterest for a few days and just examined my space & my pieces of jewelry. I knew I had to get creative though because nothing I had seen was “just right”. So, here is what I did.

I used this as inspiration for my long dangling earrings. I made a few changes though. Here was my process:


  • Picture hanging wire
  • Old frame
  • Hot glue gun or super glue or staple gun
  • Stapler
  • Card stock
  • Wire cutters
  • Paint
  • Glossy Mod Podge

  1. Take the back off of the frame. Paint with color of choice (I used Americana Metallic Silver). I had to do about 5 coats to achieve the color in the picture. Make sure you let dry well between coats. I then did two coats of glossy  mod podge over, letting dry in between coats. 
  2. When paint is drying measure from one side of your frame to the other with the picture wire. I cut about 20” of wire. I looped one end through the little tabs on the back that you’d normally use to hold the back of the frame in place. Loop through until the ends are even so you are left with two 10” strands. Twist these strands together. Now, if you have a staple gun feel free to attach the other side of the wire using that. Otherwise, take a small square of card stock & fold it in half around the other end of the wire & staple. I then super glued the card stock to the frame. I did use hot glue at first; that has worked pretty well but, I had a couple pairs of pretty heavy earrings & where I wanted to hang those kept coming undone so I just super glued it & it’s been fine. Repeat the process for the remaining hang tags. For my super long earring up at the very top I had two more tabs that would hold the back of the frame in so I just used those to hang those earrings from! Now, prop your frame on your dresser/nightstand/vanity, hang your earrings, and enjoy your handiwork!
The adorable heart holder for my rings I already had but you can just use an old small dish or decorate an old lid from a recycled jar. Get creative and see how you can reuse what you already have! 

For my studs I had a small spare jewelry box my husband had given me many years ago so I just organized them into the compartments in there. I loved that jewelry box so I was happy to finally get organized enough to give it some good use! I may still take it and get it engraved with my initials...when he bought it he had no idea that's what the blank space in the middle was for!! 

For my bracelets I just re-purposed an old paper towel holder. As you can see I've really stacked up the long side, thank goodness there is a second area for me to loop more bracelets around! ;) If you don't have an old paper towel holder this about using a bottle like this.

Finally, I needed something for my necklaces. I had a spare area on the side of my dresser & came up with a fantastic idea using my favorite thing in the world...3M Command Hooks! I had a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, so, I bought a large set of command hooks in the smallest size they make. I then proceeded to the following:


  1. Attach the hooks to the stick-ey wall mount things, but leave the side that says “wall side” intact until you are ready to attach it to the wall. ;) 
  2. Take the silver paint pen & color the hook part silver so it would match the earring frame I made above, plus the rest of our decorations. Once all of those are colored & dried, the white tab part that hangs down I knew it would be way too visible hanging on my black dresser so I decided to color it black with a black paint pen. It took three coats until you couldn't see the lines anymore, but it was well worth the effort!!!
    I am very happy with how it turned out!!!

    It all seems to match the bedroom and keeps everything clean and picked up!

    I hope everyone has a great day! Send me pictures if you make one to my email!!! I'd love to feature some on the blog!!!

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