Monday, May 6, 2013

Meal Plan & Prep

Breakfast options:

Kiddo: Cereal & Carnation instant breakfast (premeasure three Carnation Instant Breakfast), premeasure (2) ¾ cup of Cinnamon toast crunch & ½ cup of milk. Set aside two bananas for the cereal & three apples to go with the Carnation’s.)

Monday: Spinach & cheese omelet with ¼ cup cottage cheese (premeasure into small canning jar) & ½ cup melon (precut melon & premeasure into mason jars
Tuesday: ½ cup eggwhites & spinach & ¼ cup oatmeal with berries
Wednesday: Peanut butter banana oatmeal smoothie
Thursday: Strawberries & cream oatmeal smoothie
Friday: Same as Tuesday. (saved leftovers of Tuesday’s oatmeal for today)

Saturday: Omelet’s (egg & cheese & bacon/spinach & cheese), with bacon & orange slices
Sunday: donuts


Kiddo: buying, leftovers, nutella & jelly & fruit salad

Hubby: hamburger (premade when did monthly grocery shopping, cooked, & froze) & apple (2x’s), bbq pork (from leftover frozen pork tenderloin) & bacon sliders with pear, omelet, muffin, and apple, French dip sandwich (will serve this a day or two after we have it for dinner) & corn

Kate: spinach & chicken salad (3)(when I cooked Monday’s dinner I make two extra chicken breasts & just divided everything up into mason jars layering cottage cheese homemade avocado/yogurt dressing chicken, spinach, cucumber, onion & tomato) , shrimp po’ boy (will serve a day or two after making for dinner), fruit & almond butter bowl

Saturday: see breakfast, will be a “brunch”
Sunday: chicken & rice bowls

Snacks will be yogurt, zucchini chips, hummus, leftover oats, protein recover juice, banana’s & nutella, nutella filled strawberries, homemade poutine, etc. I don’t plan snacks too much as I try to make sure they are super healthy & consist mainly of fruits & veggies.


Monday: Chicken with rice & mixed veggies
Tuesday: ham crescent rolls with cinnamon apples & pears
Wednesday: Shrimp po’ boy & French dip sandwich with salad
Thursday: Homemade hambuger helper with salad
Friday: pizza burgers with corn/salad
Saturday: Ribeye’s with potatoes, green beans & corn
Sunday: Three cheese turkey pasta bake with salad/zucchini/corn

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! I have a fun tutorial on an easy way to clean up dirty sneakers & a cheer bow tutorial. As well as some fun revelations about my health & the way I’ve been taking care of myself!! 

Hope your week has started out well! What is your family's favorite meal?

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