Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clean up the Vacuum!!!

A few days ago I was completely fed up with my vacuum. So much so in fact, I was ready to toss it & grab a new one. But, I hate throwing away good money & since my vacuum is only a few years old I wanted to see if I couldn't revamp it, make it like new again.  The issues I was having are it wouldn't suck stuff up as strongly as it once had, when using attachments basically nothing would get picked up, and dust was being blown back into the house.

So, in my attempt to resolve these issues I found my manufacturers brochure online & looked up other tutorials online & using my own noggin came up with the following tutorial:

1. Remove filter from vacuum

Before-Icky & Dusty

Before Icky & dusty
2. Open it up & remove the top filter. Empty into trash bin, knock it pretty hard against the side to get as much dust off as possible. You may need to use your fingers to get some of it off. Then, the main compartment that collects all the dust empty it out, you may have to use your fingers here as the little wind tunnel part is where my dust (aka hair) tends to get wrapped around the filter.

3. Now, get an old DRY soft bristle toothbrush. I gently brushed mine with this. DO NOT use anything bigger or harder as you risk damaging your filter. But I did this just to ensure I got all that dust out & make it as new as possible! I even had to use the end of the toothbrush at some points to get all the dust out. It was gross but it got the job done.

Before-I used the tooth brush on all parts because it was just the perfect size to get into all those little grooves. This one also has to be washed so you'll see it's "after" later on.

After a good brushing. I really used the end of the brush to get in there & get what was really stuck in there. Then, after I decided ti was brushed well I knocked it up against the side of the trash one really good last time turning the filter until I felt almost all the dust was gone. Then brushed it one last time.

4. Clean the container the filter and wind tunnels sit in, I did it with some organic, all natural Dr. Bronner's, but use whatever you have. Then, dry thoroughly with a towel!!!!!!! I then let mine sit out about an hour to two just to make sure all the cracks & crevices are thoroughly dry. If you don't give it sufficient drying time then  

No more dust! All disinfected & clean!

No more dust! All disinfected & clean!

5. If you want add a drop or two of essential oil your filter. LET DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE ADDING BACK ONTO VACUUM & VACUUMING!!!!!  I have no idea if this will damage it but so far seems to be working fine on mine & it gives such a pleasant scent! But, use at your own risk as I do t think many manufacturers would recommend this!

6. Lay your vacuum down, look at the little roller bar underneath. Lots of hair? Some Easter grass? Get some scissors & start trimming it off! Be careful & Make sure to remove as much of it as possible.

Mine wasn't too terrible. I've seen worse! But, I just used my scissors to cut along the areas by the bristles being careful not to cut the bristles & removed all that gunk. I think wiped it all down real well with a sponge.

7. Check out your attachments & hoses. Using a broom handle or long stick push any gunk through & shake them out.

8.Reassemble everything &just give the whole unit a general dusting & wipe down to make it look like new!

Doesn't it look so happy?!

Guess what?? All of my issues were solved by taking these simple steps. This is something you can do once a month to preserve the life of your vacuum and cut down on the waste we send to the landfill, we don't need a Wal-E situation ;) Plus, if you do it monthly it won't take as long the next time!

Now, go use that fab like-new vacuum!


  1. I have THREE filters to clean on my vacuum. I bought an extra of all of them, so I just pop a clean one on and wash the old dirty ones, then those are ready to go next time I need them.

    1. Good idea! I've actually never looked into buying a second one, have never seen them in the store (could be because I'm never looking for them though hehe). But, I was surprised at how nicely it workout, I'd never given it a thorough cleaning like this before and was amazed at how well it worked!