Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan-Week 7

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday's Sunset
Wow! What a weekend it was! Hubby & I had a fantastic weekend that I will write about in another post later today, but you can read about what our plans were going to be here, ya know in case you didn't see it & your ├╝ber nosy like me and just want to read it. ;) 

So, on to business for the is Monday & we all know what that mean...Meal Plan & Prep time!! It's the least favorite time of the week but if we get it out of the way it won't be so bad as the week goes on. I'm starting off this week not feeling 100% so it's going to be a fairly easy week on this end with lots of healthy detoxey goodies to get me feeling better.

FIRST: Go & clean out your fridge. Get rid of old leftovers, make note of any that need to be used up quick. 


Monday: Cereal/fruit & ginger cayenne lemon shot, fruit & yogurt parfait with granola and peppermint green tea with lemon & cinnamon
Prep: pre-measure cereal & milk; layer parfait & pre-measure granola. Ginger shot needs to be made fresh for the best possible results.
Tuesday: Leftover pancakes and fruit/egg white omelette with greens and papaya and peppermint green tea with lemon & cinnamon 
Prep: None, pancakes are done; omelette will be whipped up fresh
Wednesday: Carnation instant breakfast shake with pineapple & papaya/papaya/pineapple/spinach green protein smoothie
Prep: Blend green smoothie first & freeze, then blend carnation smoothie & freeze. Take out of freezer Tuesday night so it's defrosted.
Thursday: Cereal with strawberries and banana's
Prep: Pre-measure cereal's and milks, chop strawberries & banana's, squeeze with a little lemon to preserve. Store in air tight container.
Friday: Peanut butter and banana grilled sandwiches with any leftover fruit from earlier this week.
Prep: None, will be made fresh.
Saturday: Green Eggs with toast and bacon/sauteed mushrooms
Prep: None, will be made fresh.
Sunday: Homemade cinnamon rolls with homemade chocolate milk/iced mocha
Prep: On Saturday cinnamon rolls will be made & stored in fridge until ready to bake on Sunday.


Mark & Cammi: Last of the leftover hamburger helper with salad/cucumbers
Kate: Scrambled egg whites with greens and papaya/pineapple
Prep: None, most is already chopped/out. If needed chop & store cucumber slices, and fruit.
Mark: Pork chop with raclette & chips
Cammi: Oatmeal with pineapple
Kate: Turkey Meatballs with tomato sauce and zucchini spaghetti
Prep: Roll meatballs & bake in oven until done. Julienne zucchini & store in air tight container.
Mark: Eat out
Cammi: Meatballs with pasta & cucumber slices
Kate: Any light leftovers with salad
Mark: Chicken breast "sandwich" with bacon & cheese & corn on the cob 
Cammi: Chopped chicken with broccoli & sweet potato
Kate: Chopped chicken with broccoli & sweet potato
Prep: Pre bake potato & chicken. Store all in individual tupperware.
Mark: Eat out
Cammi: Eat out
Kate: Lunch with Mark
Prep: None. 
Grilled cheese with cucumbers and tomatoes
Prep: None, made fresh.
Beef & lobster with raclette
Prep: None, made fresh.


Monday: Spaghetti with salad/Paleo Spaghetti
Prep: None, made fresh
Tuesday: Island pork tenderloin with corn/broccoli/potato/soup
Prep: None, made fresh
Wednesday: Burgers/veggie burgers/baked fries 
Prep: Pre-make veggie burgers & freeze
Thursday: Pulled pork sliders with salad and corn
Prep: On Tuesday shred leftover pork & store in tupperware
Friday: Raclette fondue with meats/shrimp/mixed veggies
Prep: None
Saturday: Date night; easy light leftovers before dancing & drinks.
Prep: None
Sunday: Raclette quesadillas, stuff with whatever leftover meats/veggies; serve with any leftover salad/veggies to use up leftovers.

My grocery list for the actual store is pretty light. I am trying to use up what I have in the fridge as our farmer's market opens this Saturday! I am so excited! We are in desperate need of local honey & bee pollen for allergies. I think this is why the kiddo & I are sick for the second time in the last two months since the weather has started to change and things are blooming. 

Red leaf lettuce
One sweet potato
One potato
Three chicken breasts
Stir fry beef
Spaghetti Squash

See I don't need too much as I'm using up what is currently in my fridge/freezer so it doesn't go to waste. Pineapple & papaya aren't the teenager's favorite but she'll get over it I'm sure ;)

I hope you all have a great start to your week! Let me know if you try any thing I listed on here. I know the meal I'm most excited about is tomorrow's paleo spaghetti. I haven't had spaghetti squash in a while, which is unusual for me!


  1. I love this meal plan!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like it!!! :)