Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday-Teenage Birthday Edition!!!!!

Monday was my kiddo's birthday...hard to believe she is 15 now!!! My word, no way I am that much older, much less her! haha

But, in the fashion of every birthday we are dealing with the teenage semi-midlife-crisis....any one else's kid go through a "funk" around birthdays?! Mine does...I remember for years having to buckle down and be really strict because she would go through what I guess now were growing pains but my word would the fits and tantrums be awful. They'd start right before her birthday and go until just after the first of the year. About 8 or 9 that stopped and now we go through they "why am I not cute anymore?!" bit...cracks me up. I guess at birthdays my baby just needs some extra lovin'.

So, that is what we did Monday and Tuesday.

Monday I forgot to take pictures of breakfast and lunch, but lunch was epic! We actually found chicken nuggets, in the *gourmet* section of our grocery store and they were shaped like Christmas Trees! They were so adorable and really good. Normally I wouldn't be so excited about this but chicken nuggets are seriously my daughter's favorite food and I have not found them here so this was a great present of sorts!

After that we built her cake...Nirvana themed...

I have some work to do on my fondant, but cute anyway!

Once her girlfriends got here we headed off to Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam. This place got a little face lift since they last time we got there. Very cute, but service wasn't as awesome this time as in the past. Hopefully that improves.

...why how very Dutch of you Hard Rock!

...apparently I lost the photo where they were being social and discussing the menu. Ha! They did have some great mocktails!

Oh yeah....burger and fries. This was so tasty and I enjoyed every last bite!

Of course we had to tell the waitress it was her birthday, but the waitress was no fun and gave her a "choice" to not get happy birthday sung to her so instead she just got a couple of sundae's....not too shabby. ;)

After the four of us hogging down on some sundae's we came home for some cake...

The cake was super yummy. After the first of the year I will do a step by step and post the recipe I used for the cake. Easy, yummy, and declared a hit by all!

Now I have to go in to Tuesday a bit because we had some amazing food. After going to a performance at the National Ballet and Opera that I will get into on Thursday we came home and made a most excellent lunch:

The fresh mint tea I made. This is a really popular here it seems and is so easy to make! Just put mint leaves in water just off the boil. Let steep for a few minutes and enjoy!

Lunch was spinach, gouda, onion, and tomato panini's with a mandarin orange....and cake of course ;)

What was your most memorable birthday?

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