Sunday, December 7, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #64

This weekend was a full one! We honestly thought we were going to have a nice quiet relaxing weekend, but it sort of took on a life of its own! 

Friday started with a visit from Sinterklaas...

Then a crisp, slow 2 mile run where I found this beautiful canal. But it was the slowest 2 miles of my life.

Then, since work and school ended early we headed to the hubby's work to see Sinterklaas visit all the kiddies and bring presents to them. We don't have little ones but it was even fun for the teenager to watch all the excitement. 

Isn't Sinterklaas a regal looking fellow?

Then, as hubby finished up work we went shopping and stopped at Europe's largest Starbucks and goofed around.

After shopping and much goofing around we headed Graceland BBQ to bring lift back to New Restaurant much the rest of the food in Amsterdam we quickly realized why we don't eat out much anymore. It was too far out, service was terrible (I will say though we were late to our reservation but they still fit us in which was kind, but after that the service was horrendous), and food was mediocre. But, we did get in a nice walk as a family and even got stuck on a drawbridge hehe

Saturday we participated in the production of a little promotional video about a cheerleading competition coming up next year. This is my crazy mini-me:

After the big production we had to downtown for hubby to pick up some work stuff and I caught this stunning photo with my phone, the clouds clearing away from that full moon was amazing! But, explain the crazy bikers! haha

Sunday we had more cheer and after the kiddo and I relaxed all night and watched elf and made some delicious hot cocoa using a Tony Chocoloney bar! It was slightly amazing. 

This week has filled up to be a fun and busy week! Here is what I've planned for my workouts:
  • Max Interval circuit and a one mile run
  • 2 miles and max cardio conditioning
  • 1 mile run and max interval plyo
  • 1 mile run and max recovery
  • 1 mile run max interval circuit
  • depending on weather a 4 mile run or max interval plyo
  • 4 mile run and stretching
Exercising everyday has really helped me deal with the cold and cloudy weather. I'm staying positive and motivated to get out and enjoy the goings on in the city!

Now, food. Must have food this week. The people of the home demand it. So, here it is.

This week I am linking up at Mommy Run Fast, Jill Conyers, and I'm an Organizing Junkie.

We are in our last week before Christmas holiday's so I am stoked for some days to sleep in!

Breakfast Options
Smoothies, hard boiled eggs, toast, cereal, pancakes.

Lunch Options
For me everyday this week will be some sort of ginormous salad. I've really enjoyed putting salads together so I will keep up that trend this week.

Grilled cheese and apple slices and tomatoes X2
Peanut butter and honey sandwich with a clementine and tomatoes
Box of leftovers

Monday:Roasted root veggies and kabocha squash
Tuesday: Meatball sliders with a big salad
Wednesday: Honey balsamic chicken tenders with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas
Thursday: Burrito bowls with creamy chipotle sauce
Friday: Steaks with salad and corn
Saturday: Chicken wings with pizza and a big salad.
Sunday: If it is nice we will go to the market across the street and have a picnic there otherwise I will put together some sort of soup from all our leftovers and make a loaf of bread.

Like I said our experience eating out this past weekend was so horrendous that I am not making that mistake again! 

So, tell me, what is your most horrible dining out experience?


  1. My daughter is an all star cheerleader and comp season is in full swing. It makes life crazy busy but she loves it!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Burrito bowl with Chipotle sauce sounds delicious! Actually everything does, great meal plan!

  3. I love that there is so much to do this time of year... so fun! And that hot chocolate does sound amazing.