Saturday, December 20, 2014

Countdown2Xmas, Days 19 & 20 Recap!

Here are the posts for days 19 & 20! So, so, so, so, so hard to believe I only have four more of these to write!

Day 19
Dizzy Busy and Hungry brings us these yummy looking shortbread cookies...who doesn't love a cookie dipped in white chocolate?!

Crumbs and Curls has some fabulous suggestions for what to wear on Christmas morning so we can look as adorable as our kids!

Montgomery Fest has designed these adorable gift tag printables! Everyone loves a good printable!

Day 20

Ohhheaven writes about her experience as a young woman off at college coming home for the holidays! Great read!

The Good Mama brings us a most delicious sugar cookie recipe!

My Rays of Sunshine brings us these amazing holiday treats!

Now, in the comments PLEASE share with me what you are making for Christmas dinner, we usually do a ham but don't have access to big hams here so trying to figure out what to make...HELP!

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