Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday-Breakfast Edition!

I thought over the next few weeks for What I Ate Wednesday I would show y'all an example of stuff I have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...I will just break them down into those categories! So, today we shall start with breakfast, which, just happens to be my favorite meal of the day!

Every single morning I start off with a glass of warm lemon water then a banana. Seriously, this is the first thing I do even before I have coffee. I usually end my day eating anytime between 6-8pm and I wake up between 6-7am so it is nearly like a true fast, so I need some quick energy.

Warm lemon water and a banana are truly two of the best ways to start off your day. They help keep you regular and give you a solid energy platform for starting your day! Read through these lists of reasons why:

Lemon Water
She also provides some valuable info on how to prepare your lemon water so go give her short article a quick read, then come back ;)

Here is a list of reasons why a banana is a good choice for that first thing in the morning food with a cup of warm lemon water:
From: Organic Facts 
Go read their page it is full of good info!

Here are other things I have after my banana:
Scrambled eggs with onion, spinach, and tomato on toasted baguette

Egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, chicken, and cheese. I think there is rice in there too.

Egg bowl with red onion, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese.

Omelette with cheese, avocado, and onion and a piece of toast with coconut oil

I love a great big breakfast after a tough workout since my schedule allows for it! What is your favorite breakfast or post workout fuel?

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  1. As I scrolled down this post, my two year old poked her head around the side of my laptop and said "nummy foods!" They certainly do look delicious! Thanks for joining in with the #WeekendBlogHop!