Friday, December 5, 2014

Countdown 2 Xmas, Day 5

Each day, from here on out until Christmas there will be two posts that go live, the first one my post of the day, the second one toward the end of my day, with a recap of all the awesome things going on in the countdown 2 Xmas.
Day's 1 to 4 can be found here.

Now, here are the three fabulous bloggers from today:

Her idea is adorable. It has the children taking charge of their Christmas Countdown Calendar and allows for everyone to contribute to its contents and has the family getting together to see what will be inside each envelope. I think it is quite adorable, you should go check it out!

These are adorable luminaries and so easy to put together, I'm going to try doing a few this weekend!

This is a great read. We often think Christmas is just for the younger kids, but in fact as the children grow and can truly wrap their heads around what Christmas actually means you gain so much more, instead of losing it, like you fear.

So, go read these, then come back and let me know which ones you liked!

Also, remember to check back each day to see the next three featured bloggers!

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