Sunday, December 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #66-Christmas Menu

Seriously, I know you've seen it all over the internet, but I cannot believe we are already at the week of Christmas. Next week we roll in to 2015!

I've been thinking a lot about this past year and so much has happened. I won't dive into it all in this post but my word, it feels like we packed at least 3 years into this wonder we are all so tired! haha

But, lets take a look at what workouts I packed into last week and what I will be doing this week:
Last week:
Monday: Max Interval Circuit-actual Max cardio conditioning
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run-actual Max Interval Circuit
Wednesday: Rest-Acutal Max Interval Plyo
Thursday: Max Interval Circuit- Actual Max Interval Circuit
Friday: Max Recovery-Actual Rest, but lots of errands & tons of walking I was exhausted really lo
Saturday: Max Interval Plyo-Actual Max Recovery
Sunday: 3.5 mile run and stretching-Actual Core Cardio & Balance

This week: 
It is going to be raining all week. If I can fit in a run I will, but not going to force anything.
Monday: Max Interval Circuit
Tuesday: Max Interval Plyo
Wednesday: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
Thursday: Max Recovery...after breakfast, presents, and all the rest.
Friday: Max Interval Circuit
Saturday: Core Cardio and Balance plus mile run
Sunday: Mile run & stretch

Here is what we have planned:
Monday: Crafts at home, finish Christmas Tree, dinner out for the kiddo's birthday, sleepover-Done and a total success!

Tuesday: Go to the lunchtime Christmas concert at The National Ballet and Opera because they are doing carols & lunch with my hubby/her daddy-Done! Check out the post here.
Wednesday: Free lunchtime concert at Concertgebrouw, the Rijkmuseum and check out the boat exhibit finally and ice skate at the rink outside the museum-Skipped, after our workouts we were too exhausted to go anywhere or do anything.
Thursday: Movie marathon day & dinner at a friend's house-Done! Only it was a Gilmore Girls Marathon lol
Friday: Read-a-thon and craft day-Skipped...we finish our christmas shopping and ran errands.

Saturday: Cinderella at the National Ballet and Opera and dinner out, do a walk around to see all the Christmas lights.-Done! What a fab day!

Sunday: Football day; rest, relax, rejuvenate.-Done! Worked on some crafts, got a great deal on a Christmas present so alles goed! :)

Since everyone is on break/vacation I am going to do a day by day breakdown for breakfasts and lunches instead of just options.

Monday: Peanut butter banana cinnamon toast
Tuesday: Cereal with banana and chia seeds
Wednesday: Smoothies with spinach and chia seeds for added protein
Thursday: Christmas Day: Cinnamon Rolls
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: Peanut butter banana cinnamon toast
Sunday: leftovers

Monday: Split pea soup and half a grilled cheese (will just be hubby & I so we will eat small)
Tuesday: Chicken sliders with fried apples and sugar snap peas and salad
Wednesday: Lunch out
Thursday: Christmas Day: Snack on smoked meat, baguette, cheese, fruit
Friday: Ham and cheese crescent rolls and salad
Saturday: Omelets with bacon, cheese, veggies, salad
Sunday: Tomato soup and half a grilled cheese

Monday: Burger sliders with salad, corn, and broccoli
Tuesday: Tacos with salad
Wednesday: Christmas Eve: Brown sugar glazed pork chops with fried apples, mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli and salad; dessert: caramel apple tart with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 
Thursday: Christmas Day: Chicken Wings, fried rice with mixed veggies, leftover tart
Friday: Brats with peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and leftover side dishes
Saturday: Teriyaki glazed steak bites with any leftovers or salad, baked potato/sweet potato bites, and mixed veggies
Sunday: Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders, homemade fries, sugar snap peas

Activities, Week 2 of Christmas Break, Week 1 of Christmas Vacation for the hubs:
Monday: Watch horse riding (kiddo), hubby and I will just laze around, watch a movie, craft and play games
Tuesday: Hubby & kiddo go Christmas Shopping, I will take a trip to the Amstelveen Mall because I haven't been and I want to see all the Christmas hubbub
Wednesday: Christmas Lunch Concert at Concertgbouw, ice skating, Stadelijk Museum
Thursday: Christmas Day, the kiddo wants to stay home so we will do presents, workout, and watch movies all day
Friday: Trip downtown to Nemo Science Center
Saturday: Trip to the Rijksmuseum
Sunday: Rest and relax, nice bike ride if it is sunny

So, that is our week in a nutshell, what are you up to this week?

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  1. We love making cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, too! Your holiday menu sounds delicious. We won't be cooking this time. Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Everything looks really delicious, and great job with those workouts, sounds like you'll continue to be very busy! Happy holidays!

  3. Awesome job with the workouts. You're a beast! Plyo is one of those types of workouts that I want to like but just can't seem to get into it. Or I can's get passed the feeling that it's just too much impact with a regular running schedule.

  4. Your Christmas dinner menu sounds delicious!! We do the same breakfast as you every year!!

  5. What a fun week and you did do great with exercising! Thanks for sharing your menu plan and what you did this week with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup.