Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas around Amsterdam

Merry Christmas Friends! I know you are all spending time with your family today, but if you happened to wander by my little bit of the internet I thought I would share a little bit of Christmas around Amsterdam with you!

As I've wandered around the city the last couple of weeks I have taken pictures of various bits of Christmas, things that make me happy and joyful this time of year. So, without further ado....

Christmas tree and wreath at the Hard Rock Cafe in Leidsplein.

Christmas Tree Lights on the side of the Mariott in Leidsplein.

Some Christmas lights donning the street in Leidsplein.

Lights on the Bijenkorf

Lights and a small tree decorating the Kalverstraat.

The Christmas Tree in the Bijenkorf.

Under the Christmas Tree in Magna Plaza. Amazing how the suspended it from the ceiling right?

Such a grand and gorgeous'd never know it was "floating" from this picture!

This one was a bit different, I found it in the window of a dress shop...I love the high heel ornaments.

Finally, I leave you with our primary mode of transportation...the Kerst Tram. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow, the Magna tree is insane! Where is that? Also the Bijenkorf one. I've actually never been in there.

    1. The Magna Tree is insane! It is in the Magna Plaza right behind the palace in Dam Square. It is a great little shopping center and has a Yankee Candle!!!! De Bijenkorf is great to go into and look around but one of those places that unless you are picking up Nespresso capsules you probably aren't buying a ton lol The make up counters are basic as are the small appliances, but everything else is insanely over priced...but it is quite swanky and nice to go walk around! Do you live in Amsterdam or just visit often?

  2. Ha! I'm an idiot! Nevermind lol I know who you are!!!! hahahaha You should totally go into Bijenkorf sometime just to walk around, it is quite fab! :P

  3. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! I've never been to Amsterdam but everyone tells me it's a must see. This is probably a great time of year to make the trip!

  4. ooooohhhhh...thinking hanging my Christmas tree from the ceiling is a wonderful idea!!! love your pictures!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I love learning about Amsterdam through your blog. Thanks as always for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup my friend!